Dress Your Age

Clothing Choices for Women in Their 20s

Women in their 20s are free to experiment with fashion trends.*

They can and should wear natural/cheaper material that is not super ritzy looking. For example-a cute-military style cotton jacket, or black faux leather bomber jacket would work for a 20-something. Wearing a fancy, tweed jacket(think Julie Andrews) all the time, would not work.

Skinny Jeans? Totally! Leggings---depends, don't look like a little girl in them. If you could see your kid sister wearing them, then you shouldn't be. Hot pink? probably not! Unless you really know how to dress well and pull off that style. :)

Wear your personal best colors. Anything will go as far as prints. Just keep to your body scale. Large body=large prints.

Fit is SO important. I have seen more teens and 20's try and STUFF their stuff into skinny jeans and it ain't workin' folks. You've got got to go up a size! It's ok...looking good in a 7 is WAY better than looking bad in a 5.

Some stores I would recommend shopping at for this age is: Forever 21, Old Navy, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, and store like them.

"When you enter the workforce your superiors mostly likely will be a decade or two older than you, and their idea or style might be very different than yours. Exposed tattoos, facial piercings, and revealing clothing is in poor taste. Express your wild side on the weekend, but prove that you are dependable and mature enough to handle your job by dressing the role. You can customize pant suits with colorful blouses, layered jewelry, and playful shoes. When shopping, some items in the junior section will still be suitable, but your working wardrobe should be bought elsewhere."*

Clothing Choices for Women in Their 30s

"This is the decade when many women leave and re-enter the workforce or maintain both their role as mother and career woman at the same time, or have begun to climb the corporate ladder. Clothing choices can be comfortable and durable but should not rely on sweats as daywear."*

"There is no harm in putting as much care into dressing yourself as you do your children or as much effort as you put forth in your work."*

You're getting older---I'm sorry, but it's true. But look at some of your accomplishments already! So-Juniors department-not happening anymore! Dress in womens sizes, it doesn't have to be old fudy-dudy womens at Walmart...

Some stores I would recommend for 30-somethings are Gap, J-crew, Limited, Express, NY&C, Banana Republic-and stores like those.

Now that you're older, you're suppose to be able to afford more, we all know that's hogwash...but you should still dress the part. No more thin cotton tees, skater hoodies, or doc martin boots. Lets go a little classier, shall we? Let's step it up a notch, but not too far!

Skinny Jean? Oh yeah!!! If you're bottom heavy, try trouser style jeans, they are bomb!!! :)
You can totally look sexy and wear adorable things, but lets keep our fabrics out of the low-quality realm and into a more sophisticated one, like Gap has.

" For the office, choose something that shows you are still young and bringing in fresh ideas, like skirts with boots and jackets over ruffly shirts. Bright colors are still allowed but a sea of many bright colors all on one blouse are distracting. Thirty-somethings are not dressing for people to look at their clothes, but for people to look at them. Items such as summer dresses with modest cuts and chocolate brown cords are dressy yet casual choices for summer and winter that can work both in an office setting and at home."*

Clothing Choices for Women in Their 40s

"Women in their 40s know who they are. They know what they like. If they follow a fashion, they pick and choose the elements of the fashion that make them good without going overboard on the style and looking like a caricature."*

Skinny Jeans? It can still be done. If you have a great 40-something body, use it for the jeans' sake. Tuck them in some nice leather boots!

Some store I recommend are: all the same as 30-something store, but add Ann Taylor, Talbots, Chadwicks, Coldwater Creek, Garnet Hill, Soft Surroundings and the like.

So the thing about being in your 40's---you're mature now! No more short skirts, short dresses, etc. No more low cut tops showing off saggy "nursers". Fabrics should be durable and on the more pricey range---doesn't mean you can't find them on sale, right? Right!!! Opt for silk over satin, velvet over velour...etc.

"A little metallic shimery shirt with blank pants and a blazer or knee-high boots with a suede skirt and a merino wool sweater show the world that she is fashion-conscious but not a fashion victim. Forty-somethings have learned how to make fashion work for them. Clothes are tailored but not form-fitting, showing off the best aspects of a woman's figure. The scoop collar and sparkling necklace also highlights the face, accenting the person in the clothes, and not just the clothes or the body."*

"Simple lines on skirts and shirts show that you are not caught up by complex designs. Clean, classy, and sophisticated works best for women in this decade. Solid colors show that a woman can make up her mind. For a forty-something fashion celebrity inspiration, keep your eye on Nicole Kidman."*