Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cheyenne, WY temp. 17 degrees

Today is snowy in Cheyenne, WY where I live. It's beautiful out, but cold!!!

If I were to drive around town, I'd probably see a few trucks plowing snow, white blankets over cars, trees and houses, foot prints, tire tracks, snow hats, gloves, big poofy jackets, and boots cluncking around.

I would be wearing my mismatched cold weather outfit of red snow boots(given to me), my warmest coat (which is lavender with a dirty blonde fur trimmed hood), and my only warm hat which is black and white hoodstooth(given to me). And I'd probably feel like I need a new coat to tie the hat and shoes together better. today has it...I'm taking the day off from running errands and staying at home to clean!!! And I feel like staying in my PJs until I have to go out into public. ;)

Is it snowing yet where you live? Tell me about your matched or mismatched winter outfit.

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