Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tip- hand and nail care

I try and follow a weekly schedule as the manager of my home. It goes something like this:

Monday- Maintenance (take 15 min. to change dead light bulb, tighten loose door knobs, etc)

Tuesday- Tasty and Trim (spend an hour cooking bread or freezer meals and spend 15 min. on my hygiene needs, ex. trim nails, paint nails, clay mask, moisture facial, deep condition hair, etc.

Wednesday- Wardrobe (iron, mend, sort through, polish leather, take care of all laundry/closet needs)

Thursday- Tending Treasures (ladies bible study and fellowship day)

Friday- Finances, Filing (paperwork), and FUN

Saturday- Siesta...nap/rest day

Sunday- Smart day, plan out week, organize coupons, plan out school for my daughter, etc.

The tips for today comes from my "Trim Tuesday" routine. I LOVE to get manis and pedis...but I can't afford them. I usually just do my own. I don't even use a file.

Here what I do:

1. Trim my nails w/ clippers (I like them short...I'm a housewife who works with her hands...I can't worry about breaking a nail, as if...)

2. I use cuticle oil to get the cuticles nice and soft and pretty looking (this picture is of a brush on kind, you can get it at Sephora)

3. I use a clear or nude polish to give them a sparkle or I buff them to pull my natural oils up so they can shine on their own.

4. MOST IMPORTANT TIP----> I USE RUBBER GLOVES WHILE DOING DISHES!!! Lather lotion, Vaseline, or coconut oil on, slide hands into rubber gloves and proceed with dishes. :D

5. I keep an extra travel sized bottle of hand lotion (that I usually get free from couponing) on the dash of my car. When I drive my boys to school and back home, I use the lotion. It helps keep my hands looking younger; I live in a super dry climate.


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Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

You are such an organized homemaker. Love it cause that is so me. I was just checking off items from my excel to do list!
I love the dish gloves. I just bought some funky ones like those on my trip.
I live with them as well but I still manage to ruin my nails from washing kids' hands so much.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

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