Thursday, January 19, 2012

Personality Style linked to Celebrities

Have you read Shari Braendel's book?

In it she writes about 4 different Personality Styles expressed in clothing:

Pure Natural- (a woman who is more minimalistic, likes earthy things, and natural fabrics)

Some celebrities with this style that stand out in my mind are:

Julianne Moore

Zoe Saldana

Jennifer Aniston

Mila Kunis

Angelina Jolie

Classic Modern- (elegant and graceful, timeless pieces mixed with modern hair and accessories)

Here are some celebs with this style:

Kate Middleton

Natalie Portman

Gwyneth Paltrow

Katie Holmes

Julia Roberts

Creative Original- (kind of quirky and fun, sometimes very stylish!)

Here are some celebs with this style:

Gwen Stefani

Melissa Leo


Michelle Williams (tastefully)

Zoey Deschanel

Style Fashionista-
(very trendy and can pull off the latest trends with ease)

Here are some Celebs with this style:

Sarah Jessica Parker

Victoria Beckham

Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Simpson

Which one are YOU? leave a comment and let us know. :D

More in depth on finding your clothing personality HERE, HERE,


Ms Jeannie said...

Just found your blog.. I would be put in the Pure Natural category to answer the question...

Mariah said...

pure natural is beautiful and wonderful for a mom! :D thanks for commenting! Have a blessed weekend!

Vanessa said...

Gosh, I don't know what I am... I think I'm kinda quirky, colorful and not tied to trends. So maybe the creative one? It's fun to think about, and I like how you included examples!

Kristin said...

I just love SJP and Zooey's style! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!

Jill said...

Great assessments! I think I'm a mix between natural and classic (or at least I'd like to think I am).

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