Monday, November 28, 2011

Everybody's a SOMEBODY!

We went to a little church where the pastor would call all the kids up to the pulpit before sending them down to class. While all the kids ran up there the pastor would say, "Everybody's a thumb-body"...and the kids would touch thumbs like a high-five. Sounds totally cultish, haha, but it wasn't. It was cute, the kids LOVED it and felt really connected and loved.

I believe, with all my heart, that God didn't create anyone ugly or stupid. Everyone is special, beautiful, intelligent (in their own way). I'm amazed with people; a real people lover!

I feel so strongly about this that I've been to 3rd world countries helping others with Safe Harbor INTL.

A friend of mine shared a web link with me recently about a company called, "Hello Somebody".

They sell t-shirts, beanies, watches, music...and the proceeds help children in 3rd world countries, like Rawanda. They help them with their education and well being.

SOMEBODY reading this:
Check out their website, when you get the chance. It makes you appreciate your life...and keeps the heart of thanksgiving alive.

Monday Inspiration

Forbidden Fruit

Marni silk evening dress
£579 -

Ted Baker high heel pumps
£95 -

Beaded clutch
$98 -

Kenneth jay lane jewelry
€105 -

DL & Co Le Pomme Rouge candle
£75 -

It's about...flying,taking chances, being your own person and having fun with life

Zipper shirt
$66 -

DAKS toggle coat
£255 -

Vionnet metallic skirt
£1,555 -

Charlotte olympia shoes
£935 -

Olivia harris handbag
$455 -

Vintage jewelry
$2,280 -

Kenneth Jay Lane post earrings
$95 -

Beaded bangle
$30 -

Gucci hat

Pieces floral scarve
€17 -

Б - Бриз Александра

Woven shirt
£11 -

Rachel Comey pullover sweater
$448 -

Haute Hippie mini skirt
£339 -

Reed Krakoff leather shoulder bag
$990 -

Forever21 studded belt
$4.80 -

Sem título #831

V neck tank top
$175 -

Todd Lynn genuine leather jacket
£368 -

Rebecca Minkoff snake clutch
$225 -

Reed Krakoff vermeil jewelry
$1,195 -

Judith jack earrings
$83 -

Untitled #588

Friday, November 25, 2011

My outfit today

I wasn't planning on going out in the BLACK FRIDAY madness...but alas, I did. A little trip to Hobby Lobby with 4 kids...haha. I got 90% off Thanksgiving decor...awesome!

Here's what I wore today:

Sorry for the bad pic, but it's from a low quality webcam.

I LOVE the new sweater and scarf I bought this week (pictured). It's bright and cheery.

BTW...bigger scarves are go big or go home. j/k. :D

Wrap it around your neck in the "modern" style from the scarf video I posted recently.