Thursday, October 13, 2011

Essential List #25 (Part 1- Summer going into Fall skirts)

For a minimalistic wardrobe, which is what I include on my Essentials List for Women, is 1 summer skirt and 1 winter skirt.

Ideally, your winter skirt will keep you warm, and the summer one will be cool and breezy.

Here are so suggestions for nice skirt per season per body type:

Summer(warm Fall) Skirts:

For a Pear shaped Woman-

Look at the Picture of the Skirt in Navy blue, with the high waist.

The high waist will accentuate a small waist. The brown top next to it is perfect for highlighting shoulders to look more broad, and to giving some more filler to a flatter chest. The other top it good too. (wear them tucked in to the skirt)

For a body shape with a TUMMY:

Look at the Tan leather skirt and the white blouse, if they both hit the hip area, they will be perfect to pair together. Of course, keeping the skirt long enough and the tops at the hop bone are important factors.

For a BUSTY body type:

Check out the blush top and neutral skirt. Pairing neutrals is really in style, and it's fun. The skirt is more full so this body type can creat some curves below without looking bulky and the top is a v-neck, which is a nice shape on a busty gal!

The HOURGLASS body type:
The pleated skirt and peacock print top would be a great loose,relaxed style on a slim hourglass figure.

Untitled #18

Lanvin tie shirt
$895 -

Giambattista Valli silk top
£350 -

Yves Saint Laurent ruffle blouse
$459 -

Jane Norman summer shirt
£14 -

Poncho top
$20 -

Alaïa high waisted skirt
€1.500 -

Cacharel pleated skirt
$595 -

Alice by Temperley short skirt
$289 -

Long skirt
$25 -

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