Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SAHM wardrobe for Fall

I put this together because someone commented on moneysavingmom.com how a SAHM mix and match wardrobe would look. There are obviously countless options, but I picked out what was cute, trendy, and comfy for moms. :D

SAHM wardrobe for Fall

Dorothy Perkins long sleeve knit dress
£33 - dorothyperkins.com

Old Navy crochet shirt
$29 - oldnavy.gap.com

Miss Selfridge navy shirt
£29 - missselfridge.com

Old Navy crew neck shirt
$17 - oldnavy.gap.com

Tube top
$13 - stylesforless.com

Oasis bomber jacket
$250 - oasis-stores.com

Halston Heritage romper jumpsuit
$420 - net-a-porter.com

Skinny leg jeans
$80 - topshop.com

Skinny leg jeans
$46 - kohls.com

Dorothy Perkins long pleated skirt
£25 - dorothyperkins.com

Burberry knee boots
$795 - net-a-porter.com

J Crew ballerina shoes
$250 - jcrew.com

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Essential List #24. Shorts (2)

The next item on my list of essentials is SHORTS. Yes, summer is over. It's already turning to Fall colors around my neighborhood. But, Fall is the perfect time to wear shorts...with tights! :D Shorts...I cringe at the thought. I have really ugly legs, so I don't like wearing shorts. That's why I enjoy the Fall, I can wear shorts and cover my legs in tights.
The stylish shorts right now are high waisted, with/without pleats. (If you are trying to conceal some tummy fluff, do NOT wear pleated shorts). You can wear them cuffed or not. Getting fabrics that are thicker will help with you Fall look, and patterned in Fall colors such as Houndstooth, Plaid, Checks, etc. What's a good length in shorts? Use the "diamond" trick(stand with your feet together, then slightly point your toes out into (10 and 2 o'clock positions) and check out the diamond shapes between your legs, any where there are gaps are a good place for your hem to fall, any where your legs touch are a bad spot for your hem to fall). Also, you want to look classy not tacky, so keep your hem lines longer...it's cute and retro-popular too.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Essential List # 23. Heavy weight pants (2-3 pairs)

Every woman needs a pair of Heavy weight pants in the winter months...unless you live in perpetual bliss weather, where it never gets cold. This the 23rd item on my Essentials List. For a Super skinny gal...thick skinny jeans are great and trendy, for the rest of us...stick to trouser style, flares, bootcut, or straight leg. Remeber it you have full hips, you only want a slight flare to balance your hips, but NOT a full bottom bell to match their width. Here are some options. Wool is always warm and nice to have for pants:
You only need 2-3 pairs. Get your best dark neutral color(black, navy, charcoal, chocolate brown). A printed color, like plaid for fall, or houndstooth print. And a lighter neutral (camel, brown, white, ivory, gray)

Lauren Conrad

Do you guys know of the line LC Lauren Conrad? It's sold a Kohls. She has a feminine-CA beach girl feel to her line. I LOVE it. We grew up in the same area. She has a website, with great tips...check it out: http://www.laurenconrad.com/
Here is her Kohl's Collection...it's a fun one for fall...totally stylin'!!! Click HERE

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flattering Footwear

Have you ever wondered if your shoes flattered your figure? It's funny 'cause I hear some women say footwear is the only thing that doesn't change size and that's why they LOVE shoes.

Shoes do matter when it comes to flattering your figure. Here are some tips:

1. Choose the right height. If you're petite you don't want more than 1-2 inch heel. This rule can be fudged for more slender figures. If you're an average woman and tall woman you have pull off a larger heel.

Rachel Bilson, doesn't actually look bad here, but her short body is definitely showing in those wedges.

2. The thickness of your heel depends on the thickness of your body. Have you ever seen a super skinny lady in overly chunky heels, it looks like stilts, not classy, although currently trendy. Have you ever seem a very curvy woman in little stilettos? Choose the thickness your body needs.

3. Stuffing your foot into a shoe and your poor foot popping out of the top heel/pump is a NO... it looks "ouchy" not pretty. It's an easy fix, get another size or a different shoe. Try shoes with straps instead of slip on styles.

4. If you have large calves or thick legs and you're wearing a knee length dress you may want to think about not wear the average pump, but get a heel with an ankle strap to give some definite visual placement of where the ankle is.



5. Remember to choose heel thickness also according to what you're wearing, a delicate sun dress will require a more feminine or delicate heel, but wide leg trouser pants can rock a wedge or a chunky heel.