Friday, August 12, 2011

Essential List # 18 Winter Coats

Winter Coats
For a Winter Coat, warmth is the biggest concern. This is a good investment piece. Buying a classic style down coat will last you for years, it's worth the money upfront. Plus, you can find them cheap, cheap when they clearance them out in Spring. Around $30-$50 brand new for a $100-$200 coat, that's at Eddi Bauer and Dillards that I saw those prices last year.

Some styles to think about for a winter coat this year are: Of course down, they are always warm and always "in"; then there are the furs...even faux fur, but real fur is nicer and warmer. Then the poncho/cape style is "in" again, so if you want to try that out, it's SUPER cute...The pictures on the bottom row are some cape styles I really liked.

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