Monday, August 15, 2011

Married Woman's Guide to Lingerie

How to wear Lingerie according to your body type:

Busty women should look for a bustier, garter belt and heels, for a nightie, short shorts and a v-neck T would suffice.

Pear shaped women should look for boy shorts and a demi bra style top or a triangle bra. Also stockings are a life saver, as you can pull them all the way up, as far as you desire and clip with a garter, helps hide cellulite, and is very smooth to touch.
For a nightie, wear silky pants with a thin tank, or an a-line night gown.

For those with a tummy, a teddy style, that has material down the front and cut outs on the sides, that tie in the back, like this: (warning, picture of model wearing it)

Also, a sheer camisole style nightie will help feel secure and sexy:

For a nightie, wear a skimming top with shorts or pants.

For a Curvy gal (has a full bottom and full chest with defined waist): Wear a well supportive bra that's cute, with feminine panties or a teddy that tucks in at the waist.
For a nightie wear a silky kimono style wrap/robe. it's pretty and easily comes off, and shows off a full figure well.

For a non-curvy gal, buy a skirt with ruffles, don't wear anything underneath, with a garter belt would be good too, pair it with a bra that has frills. Or buy a teddy that has designs to create the image of curves. celebrate your leanness.
For a nightie wear a button down night top and pants (silk or flannel set) and only button one bottom, show off some tummy and chest. This doubles as a good set of jammies, and you can button all the buttons and wear in front of kids too.

For a Plus size gal: There are beautiful sheer night gowns that drape around tummy and down legs, but have a bra style top attached. Show off your curves on top, and whatever use same tips for the body types above that apply to you. Silky kimono wraps are always nice and sexy. There are a lot of options, check out this website: (warning models wearing lingerie on this site)
For a nightie wear items that accentuate your good feature, if you have good legs, wear shorts and a loose T-shirt, if you have a curvy figure, and your tummy is defined, wear a night gown that shows off your full curves.

Remember you're beautiful. Your worth is found in God, not what you look like, and your heart can be at peace in Him and full on confidence in the bedroom, because you trust in God.

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