Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Essential #15 Cardigan

Think of this as a clock:

The Cardigan is an essential piece to any wardrobe because it's classic and practical. When it's winter and too chilly, even indoors, to walk around in a shirt, you throw on a little sweater, with a jacket over and you're set. Inside you remove the jacket and wear a cozy sweater. In the fall, when it's yet too warm to wear a coat, you wear a sweater that is dressier and more sophisticated than a sweatshirt. 
At 10 and 11 o' clock and in the center we have our cardigans for the  X-Body type.

At 1 and 2 O' Clock we have our cardigans for the D-Body type.

At 4 and 5 O' clock we have our cardigans for the B-body type. (leave beige one open with printed shirt underneath, or a same color pants as shirt).
At 7 and 8 O'clock we have our cardigans for the O-body type.

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