Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A website of INTEREST to YOU

Okay, do you just LOVE finding good deals?
I recently got a jacket and shirt (both really good quality) for my son, for FREE. You can too! There's a new website out called MYHABIT.COM. I haven't received my order from them yet, so I'll let you know how legit it is when I do. You do have to enter in your credit card info. But my credit card hasn't been charged yet.

They have brands on that website like 7 for all mankind, Dolce and Gabbana, Puma, Esprit, lots of designer lables.

I don't get a single thing for referring this website. I just wanted to pass on the deal to you!

 Here are some promo codes I found: SUMMER25; MYHABITX, both are for $25 off. You can't use them together. And as soon as you enter it into the promocode box you have to be ready to buy or it'll say you already entered it in and won't let you do it again...be AWARE!

 CLICK on PIC to bring you to the website!


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