Sunday, June 12, 2011

When you're pregnant with sore feet!

What to wear when you're pregnant with sore feet?

 Asics Gel Shoes for your sore feet. (The gel is in the toe and heel in some models)

A friend of mine gets sore feet easily. She LOVES wearing these, she is currently pregnant with her 4th child.

What do you wear with these shoes 24/7 and still look cute?

A cute jogging suit or some kind of active wear to complete the look.

It's comfy when pregnant, too.

AND for the SUMMER weather:

Please don't wear tennis shoes with dresses or skirts. It's so tacky. When you want to dress up for church or an event. Buy some comfortable dress shoes and bear through it for the couple hours you're there. wear is CUTE for a pregnant mama.

Here's a picture of my friend, 6 weeks to go, planting her garden:

Life Happens, Mariah

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