Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Fun

I haven't had much time to write here, what's new? haha.

I'm actually writing up a mini "curriculum" for a mom/MOPS event. We are swapping clothes, and in addition to that I'm going to help the moms with their colors and fit. When I get the info typed out on the proper fit for each body type, I'll post it on here too.

So, what have I been doing instead of posting on here?

My 2yr daughter and I went to a family wedding in the south. It was great to see family. She was one of the flower girls and totally LOVED it too, except when it came time for pictures, then she was scared. haha.

Flower Girl, Beautiful Bride, 2 Ring bearers, Flower Girl (my daughter) and Myself
Do you have any weddings coming up? What are you planning on wearing? I was unaware that my family wanted the attire to be dressy. I had to buy a new dress and heels for the wedding when I got there. Thankfully my cousin and I picked out the cutest set. My dress had the top portion in white, but from the waist to my knees it was black, with a blue-gray slate color ribbon around the waist. The shoes were a lighter blue-gray slate color, with beautiful rhinestones. They are pretty much my favorite dress shoes I've ever owned...SO cute. It took me all of five minutes walking into their local shoe "mall" to know I wanted them. :D Here they are with my dress:

Sorry for the poor quality pictures. It's off my old, old webcam. I can't wait until I can take good pics and load them easily. But I'm content for now.

 God bless your summer!


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