Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A look into what lies ahead-FALL 2011 Trends

I will be doing a detailed description with lots of pictures for FALL 2011 TRENDS sometimes this summer, but for now, HERE is a peek into what FALL has for us, via NO PICS, just words...this was written up for the MOPS group I'm attending today.

Fall Trends
·        Houndstooth
·        Plaid and Tartan
·        Checks
·        Tribal black and white with scarlet or deep blue accents
·        Bright Florals in classic colors
·        Bright colored skins (python, croc, etc)
·        Retro Frock (dress)
·        Glamour Tux dressing for women (white top, black bottoms, black neck tie)
·        Color blocking- pairs well with the wild prints, to tame it down.
·        Furs-mostly seen in black and white
·        Exotic floral designs-Asian style
·        Polka Dots on Polka dots
·        Graphic Stripes
·        Peter Pan collars (think pilgrims)
·        Chunky Ski Sweaters (falls just below hip, loose)
·        Flowy Dresses with lots of material
·        Chic Cocktail outfits for evening instead of dressing down
·        Shift Dresses
·        Bell Bottoms
·        Wide Leg Trousers
·        Bright Colored Pants
·        Tribal/wild print pants
·        Leather Skirts (knee length-ish)
·        Loafer Pumps
·        Lady-like Pumps
·        Long Lengths (called Duster Coats, basically dust the floor as you walk)
·        Poncho (again, same as last year)
·        Small Clutches
·        Petite pouches
·        Silver accessories
·        Cuffs (BIG, in gold, pewter, leather, etc)
·        Long dangles earrings
·        Luxe Chain link necklaces that are short, choker style
·        Crimson Red
·        Deep Blue (indigo)
·        Jewel Tones- Amber, Royal Purple, Emerald
·        Gold
·        Pale Pink (blush) (this has been a Spring color, now a Summer color and will continue into Fall)
·        Black and White (high contrast prints)
·        Honeysuckle pink with a dusty glow to it (not so bright)


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