Thursday, June 30, 2011

Do you struggle with your weight?

My husband and I have been trying to eat cleaner and motivate ourselves to exercise more. We normally eat pretty healthy, we don't eat junk food, but I do like to splurge on dessert (too often). 

 We are going on a cruise end of this year, for our, belated by 8 years, honeymoon. :D

 Weight loss is hard. I'll admit, that I haven't had a huge struggle with it, but I have 2 very dear people in my life, who are my bestest friends ever, who have; one of those friends being my husband.

Here's MY story:

 After each of my babies I was a size 13. When my 1st child was 10 months old I was already back down to size 1. But I got pregnant with #2 and shot back up. After Kid #2 was 12 months old I was back down to a 0 ( I lost weight drastically due to being in and out of surgery that month for kidney stones). When he was 18 months old I got pregnant with #3 and was back up to size 13. It took me almost 2 years to lose that 3rd baby weight, and it's still not completely gone today(she's almost 3). I'm only 5' 2", with a VERY tiny frame, so a size 0 looks normal, not under weight.

 Currently I'm a comfortable size 2. My theory- I eat pretty healthy, and I have the genes to lose the weight. My husband, on the other hand, doesNOT have those genes. He doesn't eat horrible, but he definitely can pack on the pounds. He's super handsome regardless of his weight, but he's been working on it to be able to have more energy to play with our 3 kids (6,4,2 years old).

Here's HIS story:

Before Picture, before starting the diet, Hubby and I
 My husband has been on Medifast (it's super UNhealthy stuff), but he has lost about 35 lbs or so. He has currently hit a plateau, so I'm trying to formulate my own healthy version of the diet to put him on.

I think this is a couple weeks after starting the diet
Here's an old picture of him, I think he is this size or skinnier currently

For my husband, he needed a diet that would encourage his metabolism to boost up. But, now his metabolism has learned the new swing of things. Now it's time to eat clean and healthy. Veggies please.

For me, I needed motivation to exercise and enjoy getting/staying fit. I'm not as fit as I'd like to be, but it's a slow process for me. I'm hoping next summer I'll be able to run 30 minutes and feel great. Currently, if I full on ran for 3 minutes, I would need to take a break and walk. lol, pathetic, I know, but I'm working on it. What has helped motivate me is Reshaping It All, by Candice Cameron Bure. It's a fantastic book! I highly recommend it. I'm not getting paid to promote it, just letting others know how much I enjoyed reading. It's one of my favorite books!

I can't find my pictures on my computer [that's what happens when you're married to a Tech nerd (in the most flattering way possible)]. I wanted to post pics before and after babies of me, but I can't find them. Bummer. I have some I'll throw in; I know where they are.

Right about to have Kid #2

Kid #2 out and almost ready to go home!
Close up of Kid #2

Kid #1 and Kid #2 a few years ago
Pregnant with #3, at baby shower, 3 weeks before delivery, in tea party costume

Kid #3 last summer

All of my kidos, #1, #3, and #2, last summer

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