Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My NEW haircut

Well, here I am yesterday morning at a craft table at MOPS. It's a bad picture of me, but hey, it's the one I had. You don't have to look photo-shopped all the time!

I'm the one in the middle

 And then, here I am last night, in front of my computer-my household asleep. With my NEW haircut.

Now I realize it's not the cutest style in the world, but it looks healthy!!!

 So here's the plan, last year I wanted long layers and highlights. I grew the pretty, long layers, but didn't highlight. This year I'm getting a pixie cut; sometime this summer. I was just going to get a trim yesterday, but the stylist said that it might be better to make a couple transitions into the next haircut, up until I do a short pixie cut, which is my ultimate goal.

To transition from really long hair to a pixie cut I got the haircut above and then next I'll venture into a bob type style like this:

and then a pixie cut, so that way it won't be horribly shocking!

Here is my ultimate goal:

 Something to think about:

if you are going from long to short hair, you may want to do it gradually, with several haircuts in between so you aren't SUPER shocked.

What are your thoughts about length of hair? Do you prefer it long or short? why?


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