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A Guest Post for The Bella Mella


Each notable person in the fashion industry can label the same style several different titles, as well as, give that style a slightly different description. I will high-light on the 6 main styles that I see women striving toward further down.
What’s so important about finding YOUR style? Well, A. You’ll be able to have a closet full of items that can flow from one outfit to another. And, B. You’ll be able to shop for the right things and won’t have buyer’s remorse; knowing that you genuinely like what you bought.
Every form of art is a form of communication. Clothing is a form of art and in turn is a form of communicating to people about you, what you stand for, what you understand. Learning the skill of dressing oneself properly is very beneficial. So I’m here to help you find out the style you want to converse.
A clothing personality style is something you communicate about who you are and how you feel inside. Unfortunately our feelings are fickle and we get confused as to what exactly we like. So, there is another aspect, and that is our physical feelings. How do we physically feel when we wear…?
Fashionista (F)-
                She chooses accessories, fabrics, and prints to stay on top of the latest trend. She is willing to chop her hair or put in feather extentions. She is a blend of all the categories and usually is the one talking about clothes the most out of her friends. She is usually more willing to spend the extra money and buy herself the jacket or shoes she just feel in love with. She knows what she likes and is able to pair different trends together to create something fashionable. Or she can look at the manikin in the window and buys the same thing the manikin is wearing. She feels comfortable in the latest trend, even if she needs a little help to put it together. Look at Victoria Beckham for the Fashionista style.

Romantic (R)-
                Generally ultra feminine and loves ruffle, frills, pearls, florals, curvy shapes, dresses, skirts, high-heels, and lots of jewelry. A common hair-style for this group is sexy long layers, think a victoria’s secret bombshell model. She likes flowy fabrics. Prints and designs that make her feel super girly. She doesn’t like rigid outfits or boring simple outfits. Very Luxurious!

Minimalist (M)-
                Generally likes to wear the least amount of clothing and accessories as possible. Likes fabrics such as denim, cotton, breathable, light-weight items. One accessory or piece of jewelry feels dressy enough for this gal. She sticks to earth tones, usually, and enjoys simple outfits. Her hair and make-up is usually natural looking and easy.

Classic (C)-
                Generally described as the Audrey Hepburn style. Coco Chanel was this way too. She likes straighter, clean lines; structured items that are skimming and flattering. Think Kate Middleton. Something elegant and fit for a princess. A lot of black and white or primary colors are used, not many outlandish colors, but that’s imperative to the person dressing. The style is a little simple, yet has a punch of cute details. “Janie and Jack” is a great clothing brands for young kids that implement this style. J-crew, Ann Taylor, and ShabbyApple are other stores with this style, for adults. Hair is usually classic cut such as a bob, long hair with not too much layering and side swept bangs, think Reese Witherspoon.

Tomboy (T)-
 She likes to dress a little masculine or in an overall unisex look. I personally don’t think it’s a great style, but yet it’s still one that I see. She may be sportin’ a rugged outdoor “hiking” look or like to wear neutral business style attire. She likes things even keel, a bit like the minimalist, but in a gender neutral way. She may have short hair or keep it in a style that is not very “tamed”. She sometimes “hides” in oversized shirts. What stands her out, is this is her style all around, every day, no matter what.  

Eclectic (E)-
                She likes to be different, plain and simple. Her creativity in dressing is limitless. She’s willing to try bright and bold prints, mix prints, go totally vintage, etc. She dresses into several different trends, not sticking to 1 or 2, to capture her diverse and eccentric personality. She can be quirky, but not always. Think Rihanna or Katy Perry.

Each of these style preferences can be modern and fashionable. Not one is more or less fashionable than the other. You decide whether or not you want to make your specific style up to date.

Fashion trends can be labeled as a new style that has come out. THIS IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH YOUR PERSONAL STYLE. Each of the 6 personal styles can wear the same fashion trend or “style”, but they will carry it differently. Some fashion trends that come around time and again are: Hippie, Nautical, Vintage 20’s 40’s or 50’s, Rugged(ripped jeans and leather), fringy native American look, preppy (Ralph Lauren). Another example is the Bohemian style, which is very popular, has been for awhile now, here is what it looks like on each PERSONAL STYLE:

Fashionista Bohemian-
The Left and Middle Picture

Romantic Bohemian-

Minimalist Bohemian-

Classic in Bohemian-

Tomboy Bohemian-

The Left picture---best I could find in this category

On the Left side. It was harder to find pictures of this category.
Eclectic Bohemian-

So do you know your style?

Scan the internet for pics of clothes you like. Try and find what the common denominator is between each item you like. Is it structured, feminine, relaxed, utilitarian? Once you know what you like, own that style! Have signature pieces that you LOVE to wear.  I am a minimalist, and I LOVE wearing thin, ribbed tank tops. It’s my signature item. The picture in the minimalist column with the floral skirt and grey tank is me. I love that style. 

Here's a list of questions to ask yourself when finding your style:
1. What kind of material do I like to wear? What do I feel good in?
        A. If you think of rich luxurious types you might be an F, R, or E
        B. If you think of cotton, thin, more relaxed comfy fabrics you might be an T, M, or C
2. Hypothetically, if I have to, Do I like to look a little bit dressy or a little bit under-dressed when showing up at a party?
        A. If you answered dressy you might be an F, R, C or E
        B. If you answered under-dressy you might be an T or M
3. When I'm at home lounging around I like to wear?
        An F would wear a Luxe jogging set, maybe in velour with a silk inner fabric.
 They might choose a suit with animal print details or rinestones or gold/silver stitching
        An R might choose a long ruffley robe type sweater to cozy up in.
        An M might choose yoga pants and a t-shirt
        A T might choose sweats, or baggy pants, and a t-shirt
        A C might choose light weight chinos and a cashmere sweater or soft polo
        An E might choose a zig-zaggy black and neon oversized sweater with some black leggings.
4. What would I choose to wear to my friend's wedding?
       F- Latest trend dress (one shoulder strap), cute heels 2-3 peices jewelry
       R-Breezy, flowy dress with flowers or ruffles or cute feminine details, cute wedges with a flower on top or bow on top,etc. 2-3 peices jewelry
       M- Solid Color Dress with flat sandal and one piece of jewelry
       T-Pant Suit, oxford style shoes, hair slicked
       C-Structured A-line dress, cute heels, 2-3 pieces jewelry (a taste of vintage or old school look)
       E-Wild print dress or blouse with pants and heels. Funky big earrings or tons or bright bangles, or a crazy hat with their outfit. Usually a little unusual and noticeable, but still cute

I hope that helps!

Remember it’s so important to communicate what you want people to know about you through your clothes. If you love God, keep it modest. That’s a great way to communicate a heart and attitude of purity and sweetness. 

I'm guest posting this at The Bella Mella


Melanie said...

Thanks, Mariah!
I'm mainly a Classic when it comes to dressing up but because I work from home, I dress more minimally in my casual shorts and tops.

Laurie said...

Hi! I'm visiting from The Bella Mella and I think I'm the same as Melanie- Classic for church and outings but Minimalist for casual wear during the day. Although I'd really like more classic style casual clothes for errands and around the house so your post will be very useful when shopping for those items. Thank you so much!

Mariah said...

I've heard the majority of women are classic, but I'm not sure I really see that. I think the majority of women fall into a "minimalist" category. But it's not so much the fashionable minimalist, but rather a "jeans and t-shirt" kind of girl, because either we don't know what else to wear, or we feel comfortable in that totally American style, or we just don't have the time and energy to put into ourselves. I don't know exactly, but when I was a little girl I was always trying to avoid wearing clothes, I'm truly a minimalist at heart, but I dress in different styles and trends, for fun too.

Christy Denkins said...

i am a classic romantic, anyone else can just pick one??

Mariah said...

@ Christy...I've found that to be true too. Check out this post I mention have 2 styles

lisasmith said...

I'm a total fashionista!! But motherhood has made me a minimalist and budget has taught me to buy classic pieces I can wear for several seasons. As a minimalist/classic fashionista... I would wear a trendy but classic black dress with lots of jewelry and cute shoes to a friend's wedding :)

Nice to meet you, this was F.U.N!

Missie said...

I think I fall into a romantic/classic category...although I would love to be more excentric!
P.s. I am hosting a giveaway for Reshaping it All!

my abc soup said...

how about I be a little bit of everything? How fun! Love it.

brittany @

Jenny said...

Makes me wonder what style I am! I am a sort of retro / romantic / 1950's / girly girl!

Rambling Heather said...

Great fun post, loved it! OK now to figure out my style :)

Smelling Coffee said...

Great post! I'm so glad I hopped over here from Bella Mella. I'm going to follow your blog, and look forward to more tips. I'm definitely an F, btw. ;-)

Blessings to you~

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