Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring looks for PEAR shape, smaller chest, larger bottom.

Some looks you want to replicate this Spring/Summer for this body type are:

1. Trouser style jeans...they are AWESOME at hiding your bottom, esp. if you have "saddle bags".

 2. Tops with lots of frill and details at the top. If you're small chested you can get away with SO many types of tops, such as higher neck lines.

 Also, you may want to try and keep darker colors on the bottom and lighter on top, or just dress monochromatic in a similar color for both jacket and bottom, with a different color shirt.

 For jackets DO NOT allow the bottom of your jacket to hit at you hips.


 THOSE 2 PICTURES ARE BIG NO-NOs. Because you do not want to widen, visually, that area, and a hem sitting at that spot does.

Rather, your jacket should hit above hip bones or closer to your waist, I know you want to just cover up that larger bottom area, but the above pictures just accentuate it. 

 For dresses. This body type usually has nice shoulder, show them off! Wear a dress that is lose fitting on the bottom, to skim over that larger area, and tucked in at the waist, and sleeveless.

The best accessory, for this body type, in my opinion, is a set of earrings or a few sets.

 *Pictures taken from Gap and Banana Republic.



Anonymous said...

BEST accessory: smile! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! It really helped me a lot!!! :)

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