Friday, April 1, 2011

Essentials List for Women #11 and #12

#11 Tops in your POP colors about 4-5

Okay so if you don't know yet what colors look good on you go here and take this FREE test.

Here are some picture options of cute tops in your color. You want to dress in your colors because you look shining in them...don't go for a mediocre look, go for WOW!

All tops are taken from







#12 T-shirt in your best neck line and best dark neutral color:

Let's start with the colors:
Light- Charcoal, Navy, Light Camel
Deep- Black or Dark Brown
Clear- Black, Navy, Deep Charcoal Grey
Soft- Charcoal and Medium brown
Warm- Any shade of brown
Cool- Black, Navy, or Grey

Now for T-shirt neck lines according to body type:

Large Chested: Best neckline is V-neck, scoop is also good.
Those who gain weight in belly more than in chest: Keep shirt skimming belly, best neckline: v-neck and scoop, (cowl necks are good too, but can't find that in a t-shirt)
Those who gain weight in belly, but chest still has larger circumference: Best neck line, V-neck
Small Chested: Best neck line is Jewel neck(t-shirt neck), also turtlenecks and many others work well
Sloped Shoulders w/ small chest: Classic Bateauneck
Sloped Shoulders w/large chest: Bateauneck with a v-neck combo...similar to a sweet heart neckline.

(Pictures taken from various places)
Scoop Neck-

Jewel Neck-
Cowl Neck-


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