Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

Here are some photos of the Royal Wedding. 
LOVE her dress. In my very critical opinion, I think it's PERFECT on her!

I thought her sister was lovely as well, but I have 2 gripes about her dress. First, a little low cut aren't we? Second, SPANX is
The kids are so CUTE

Here's Kate after the ceremony, she changed dresses, and I think this one is lovely too.
It's almost dinner time, and I'm really hungry, so I just really like this picture, not to mention the cake is FANTASTIC!
The lucky designer of the dress, Sarah Burton (for Alexander McQueen) and Kate Middleton
Grace Kelly's Dress was their inspiration! 


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Background

Trying to figure out a new blog background, bare with me. 

Life Happens, Mariah

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Looks for the HOURGLASS figure!

Well, I had a suggestion from Clare@peak313 to put up some pics of myself. So, I'm using this last section of SPRING LOOKS, which happens to be my body type, at the moment, to show you some of my wardrobe!

An X body type, hourglass figure, has the biggest trouble with either dressing too sexy or too sloppy. I've noticed that for myself. Although this body type is considered ideal, I have my fair share of problem areas on my body, and insecurities too.

Some good things to remember for an X body type are:
1. belts are CUTE-wear them!
2.You can wear shirts tucked in well
3.Wearing high-rise pants are adorable.

Play it up now, because our bodies can easily change into a having a belly or larger watch out for that too, it sneaks up easily!

Also, my husband agreed to take photos off his phone, while he got to play with different effects. I'm hardly wearing make-up, totally white, no lotion, and having a bad hair day, but with 3 little ones, I just didn't think it'd be possible to try and do this another day; nap time rocks!

Here are some random, fun pictures of some outfits I have, it's still winter weather where I live, so I don't get to wear most of these, but some day soon...:)

Cropped Sweatshirt($7 Kohls) with a tank($2 Old Navy, last year sale) and wide leg jeans($6 thrift store), converse shoes($20 famous footwear). *Casual*

 Denim shirt($3 thrift store), Gap shorts $12, Wedge heels (free Kohls with Kohls Cash from Safeway), Hawaiian Necklace (free gift from a friend at his luau) *casual*

Tank ($2 Old Navy), Skirt ($3 thrift store), Wedge heels (above), earrings, made from 2 pairs that were given to me. *casual*

Shorts (cut and rolled from a ripped fav. pair of Lucky jeans...orig. $27 from Ross, lasted about 4 years, now wearing as shorts), Shirt ($2 thrift store), Necklace ($6 consignment shop), Wedge heels ^
Dress ($25 Ross), Sweater ($9 Kohls), Wedge Heels(free) *dressy casual*

Same as picture above, shoes are from last summer, and dirty on the bottom, sorry. :)

This is actually an outfit my husband LOVES and we put it together for the cruise we are taking.
Pants($40 and Sweater ($9 Kohls) *CRUISE* phone effects!

Sweater ($9 Kohls), Pants ($40, Shoes(AWESOME-$33 Ross) *Cruise*

Dress ($7 Ross), Shoes($33 Ross), Earrings (gift from mom) *Date night*

My fav. skirt ($26 Gap), Tank top ($2 Old Navy), Sandals ($14 Ross), Ring(gift from mom) *casual*

Top($3 thrift store), Jeans($6 thrift store), Sandals ($14 Ross), Ring($6 Forever 21) *casual*

Dress($7 Ross), Shoes ($33 Ross), Ring ($6 Forever21), Necklace(< $10 forever21) *Date Night*

And there you have it, a variety of cruise, spring/summer, casual and dressy mix. :)

Spring looks for PEAR shape, smaller chest, larger bottom.

Some looks you want to replicate this Spring/Summer for this body type are:

1. Trouser style jeans...they are AWESOME at hiding your bottom, esp. if you have "saddle bags".

 2. Tops with lots of frill and details at the top. If you're small chested you can get away with SO many types of tops, such as higher neck lines.

 Also, you may want to try and keep darker colors on the bottom and lighter on top, or just dress monochromatic in a similar color for both jacket and bottom, with a different color shirt.

 For jackets DO NOT allow the bottom of your jacket to hit at you hips.


 THOSE 2 PICTURES ARE BIG NO-NOs. Because you do not want to widen, visually, that area, and a hem sitting at that spot does.

Rather, your jacket should hit above hip bones or closer to your waist, I know you want to just cover up that larger bottom area, but the above pictures just accentuate it. 

 For dresses. This body type usually has nice shoulder, show them off! Wear a dress that is lose fitting on the bottom, to skim over that larger area, and tucked in at the waist, and sleeveless.

The best accessory, for this body type, in my opinion, is a set of earrings or a few sets.

 *Pictures taken from Gap and Banana Republic.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Check out this video!!!

I have talked about Shari Braendel before. She's currently training me in color analysis. I'm so excited, she's such a wonderful lady!

Here's a video of her on Focus on the Family this week! click on picture

Life Happens, Mariah

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Looks to COVER A BELLY

Dressing your body type this spring if you gain most weight in your belly:

*All pictures are taken from The Limited.
I can not stress enough this style outfit:

Flowy or Dolman Sleeve Top with longer (even longer) shorts. Keep the shorts non-bulky, esp. if you are curvy on the bottom too, non-bulky meaning no cargo pockets, or frilly ribbons/buttons/etc. Here are another pair of shorts that would work:

Here are some more shirts that would be right for this body type:

*Shirts should just skim the body.
 Stripes are SO in, and if they are thin, like these, they will NOT make you look fat!White denim is also in, as seen in lots of these photos.

For pants, go with pants that have a higher waist to suck in the tummy, make sure the waist fits the best, and bring pants to tailor, if needed, to fix the rest.

Now for accessories, this body type needs something, like a long necklace to help the focus stay away from mid-section and to pull in a nice long vertical line, that helps a person appear leaner and taller.

For a dress, stick with something with a fun print, in your DCC colors, prints help minimize the tummy area, also go for an empire waist, or just a lose, skimming dress. NEVER use a belt, or any embellishments, ruffles, pleats, etc on your tummy area.(don't forget to wear a "sucker-inner", i.e. spanx)

This white one could work, if the draw string was low enough, and the top lose enough. The necklace gives it a real kick!

Don't forget to add in some spring colors, that look the best on YOU.

Life Happens, Mariah