Thursday, January 6, 2011

Essentials List for Women #7 and #8

Essential #7- Statement Necklace

For colors: Get some in your POP colors and wear them with your neutrals to blast in outfit with fun!

Body type:
For a larger woman- you can wear huge beads and go really big with your accessories
For a smaller women scale it down some, wear medium to small pieces.
If you have a tummy, wear a long, thin necklace, can be a layered kind. And column dress on the inside. Example...Brown cords, burgandy and brown print top, and Cream velvet jacket with a long bronze and "bright", "POP" colored necklace. That will help camoflauge a tummy.
If you have a large bust, long necklaces aren't always the best option, because they are usually hanging in mid air down at your tummy and it looks funny. Keep your necklaces on your chest.
If you have a short neck than do NOT wear choker type necklaces, it'll shorten your neck even more. If you want a short necklace keep the length as short as collar bone area.
If you have a long neck you can wear choker necklaces and any other type, just make sure it works according to you body type.

Also, when wearing a necklace, keep your neck line simple on your clothes. Don't pair a detailed collar/neckline with a necklace, because they will fight for attention. If you want to wear jewlery with an already embellished neckline, then pair it with some pretty dangle earrings. 

 Essentials List #8- Good Fitting Bra (3)

Bras are serious business when dressing properly. First, the obvious, no straps showing, cuz it's tacky, cleavage is tasteless and says you are desperate for attention, and spillage, gaping, and back fat are all signs of improper fit.

When you get fitted you want your breasts to sit in the middle between you shoulder and elbow(when bent), from a side point of view. If your are sagging, go get fitted.

My biggest recommendation, in this area, is go get a real live fitting. Any nice department store or even Victoria's Secret. Get fitted. Click photo for a fit guide:

Shari Braendel recommends having at least 3 good bras, so that one can be in the wash, one can be resting, and one can be worn. You don't want to wear the same bra every day or you will wear out the elasticity. I went to Victoria's Secret. I have 4 good bras. It was a buy one get one 1/2 off sale recently. They really make a difference. I got some of the cheapest ones they sell, but I'm not very busty, so I can get away without much support.

Life Happens, Mariah

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