Saturday, January 29, 2011


Here are some popluar most loved mascaras according to (click on pic)

 And here is my personal favorite mascara:

I already have long lashes, but they are very thin. This mascara doesn't clump and really thickens up my lashes, I love it!

Life Happens, Mariah

Monday, January 10, 2011

Essentials List for Women #9 and #10

Essentials list # 9- The white or ivory T-shirt.

It's an excellent layer piece, but them cheap, because you'll replace them a lot.

 If your warmer toned than go with ivory, if you are cooler toned than go with white.

 (A way to check if you warm or cool is by looking at your veins, are they more green tinted or blue tinted? Green would indicate warmer tones, blue would indicate cooler tones, some people have a mix and can wear both warm and cool tones)

Body type:

 Large busted- should go with a v-neck style

 Small busted-looks great in a crew neck style

 Soft, rounded shoulders-looks good in a boat-neck style

Large prominent shoulders-show them off, they look great in halters or tank tops

Here are some looks with white T's under sweaters or jackets:

Essentials List #10- Collared Button-down shirt

You may need a few if you have to dress up a lot for work, but if you don't, one is necessary.

 I recommend getting one in your solid POP color, or one in a print that has your POP colors.

There are so many ways to wear a button-down shirt, one of the most obvious ways are underneath a suit:

 You can wear it tucked into a pencil skirt or pair it with jeans.

You can also wear it underneath sweaters

If your clothing style is CLASSIC, than you definitely want one in your wardrobe, preferably in white or another classy color.

Life Happens, Mariah

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Essentials List for Women #7 and #8

Essential #7- Statement Necklace

For colors: Get some in your POP colors and wear them with your neutrals to blast in outfit with fun!

Body type:
For a larger woman- you can wear huge beads and go really big with your accessories
For a smaller women scale it down some, wear medium to small pieces.
If you have a tummy, wear a long, thin necklace, can be a layered kind. And column dress on the inside. Example...Brown cords, burgandy and brown print top, and Cream velvet jacket with a long bronze and "bright", "POP" colored necklace. That will help camoflauge a tummy.
If you have a large bust, long necklaces aren't always the best option, because they are usually hanging in mid air down at your tummy and it looks funny. Keep your necklaces on your chest.
If you have a short neck than do NOT wear choker type necklaces, it'll shorten your neck even more. If you want a short necklace keep the length as short as collar bone area.
If you have a long neck you can wear choker necklaces and any other type, just make sure it works according to you body type.

Also, when wearing a necklace, keep your neck line simple on your clothes. Don't pair a detailed collar/neckline with a necklace, because they will fight for attention. If you want to wear jewlery with an already embellished neckline, then pair it with some pretty dangle earrings. 

 Essentials List #8- Good Fitting Bra (3)

Bras are serious business when dressing properly. First, the obvious, no straps showing, cuz it's tacky, cleavage is tasteless and says you are desperate for attention, and spillage, gaping, and back fat are all signs of improper fit.

When you get fitted you want your breasts to sit in the middle between you shoulder and elbow(when bent), from a side point of view. If your are sagging, go get fitted.

My biggest recommendation, in this area, is go get a real live fitting. Any nice department store or even Victoria's Secret. Get fitted. Click photo for a fit guide:

Shari Braendel recommends having at least 3 good bras, so that one can be in the wash, one can be resting, and one can be worn. You don't want to wear the same bra every day or you will wear out the elasticity. I went to Victoria's Secret. I have 4 good bras. It was a buy one get one 1/2 off sale recently. They really make a difference. I got some of the cheapest ones they sell, but I'm not very busty, so I can get away without much support.

Life Happens, Mariah

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Complete list of Wardrobe Essentials for Women

I've started an essentials list series, I'm SLOWLY working through. I figured I'd give out the complete list and you can follow me through it, if you would like. :)

Essentials List for a Woman’s Wardrobe
2.       Sunhat
3.       Umbrella
4.    Sunglasses
6.       Gorgeous lipstick
9.       White or ivory shirt (just a t-shirt to go under things as a layering piece)
10.   Collared, button down shirt
11.   Tops in your POP colors (about 4-5)
12.   T-shirt in your best neckline  and your dark neutral color
13.   Cashmere pull-over sweater or cotton comparable (in a pop color)
14.   Cable-knit sweater (variations of it are always in style and all ages can wear it) (in a pop color)
15.   Cardigan sweater (in neutral color)
16.   Denim Jacket
17.   Blazer (dressy casual jacket in a solid darker pop color maybe maroon)
18.   Winter Coat (camel colored for you or grey something really warm)
19.   Light weight coat (it can be a lighter peacoat or a zippered light coat in a neutral color)
20.   Dressy Coat (keep it neutral, something like a camel trench, a fur coat or an elegant cape)
21.   Jeans (3 pairs, one with heels, one with flats, one skinny)
22.   Light weight pants (2-3 pairs)
23.   Heavy weight pants (2-3 pairs)
24.   Shorts (2)
25.   Skirts; 1 summer and 1 winter
26.   Flattering dress in your dark neutral color (equivalent to LBD-little black dress) brown would work for you, maybe plum
27.   Summer dresses-2
28.   Party dress
29.   Winter weight dress
30.   Jogging suit for cleaning the house in and lounging around, for sick days…something cute (it’s an upgrade for a ripped up t-shirt and sweatpants, it needs to be comfy and it already matches)
31.   Exercise/sporty get-up; this is for sports ONLY
32.   Good fitting underwear, maybe a thong or 2
33.   Spanx---body shape wear help hug in the fluff
34.   Flat shoes; a casual pair and a dressier pair
35.   Heels; causal and dressy
36.   Boots should be dressy casual…something nice, but not too fancy
37.   Tennis shoes for exercising in
38.   Flip-flops (trendy ones that can have embellishments)
39.   Trendy high heeled Sandals
40.   Fun ring for right hand
41.   Swimsuit and cover-up(could be a pretty summer dress or a silk swim robe)
42.   Purses- one in the same color as hair or close, one for summer/spring and one for winter/fall.
43.   Trendy accessories (3-4 per warm or cold season)
44.   Winter scarf and matching gloves (preferably leather)
45.   Solid or patterned tights (2-3)
46.   Lingerie
47.   Pajamas
48.   Robe
49.   Slippers
50.   Suit

 There should be 50 items, make sure you get them in your colors and your body type fit, and age appropriate as well.

Life Happens, Mariah