Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good info for making your Wardrobe items last

Click on photo to find out how to make your wardrobe items last...seriously great tips!

Life Happens, Mariah

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Essentials List for Women # 5 and # 6 (and in time for the holidays)

The next 2 items on the essentials list are:

#5 Earrings- Diamond Studs and Hoops/dangles:

 Diamond studs always work on anyone any age. Go big or small...whatever you think looks good on you. There's a couple reasons they say a diamond is forever. 1 being that diamonds never loose their value and 2 being that they are always in style, always!

Hoop earrings are almost always in style too, if not dangles are:

About size: if you have a short or thick neck don't wear hoops or dangles lower than your jaw line.
About age: it's really up to the season on what's in style...a variety of colors can go with ALL ages, I'd stick with more expensive looking styles the older you get though. No plastic earrings after 20's. :)

#6 Your most Glamorous Lipstick:

Find your color that is bold and makes you look fantastic!!! That's all I can say, it's a search that is rewarding.

The only thing I can mention about applying your new found glamorously bold lip color would be keep the eyes and cheeks make-up very neutral, otherwise you'll end up looking like a clown. It's just never classy, and your eyes, cheeks, and lips will be fighting for attention and someone beholding your beauty will get sore eyes trying to find a spot to rest them on your face....know what I mean? :)

ALSO- If you have full lips(lucky dog), but want to minimize their boldness, you can go for a darker bold color and don't wear gloss.
If you have thin lips and think that pulling off a bold color would be ridiculous, think again. Use brighter shades, never dark, and high shine gloss! You have a full pout for sure! :)

I hope you can put on some cute diamond studs and a bold lip color for a holiday party you go to this coming week!!! God bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Life Happens, Mariah

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fashion GAME

                                                                        PLAY ME!!!

This is SO much fun, if you're into that kind of thing. I wanted to do something similar on my blog, but I don't have the ability to.

If you want a fun way to test out your FASHION ability go HERE and play the games!!! It's SO fun!!!
 Seriously!! :D

Life Happens, Mariah

Monday, December 6, 2010

Essentials List for Women # 3 and # 4

Okay, so here is your next set of Essentials from the list I started here.

Essential # 3--- Umbrella

 Go for a mini-umbrella that will fit at the bottom of your purse, if you live where I do, the weather seems to change on you every 5 minutes, and an Umbrella is an essential to keeping your hair and make-up looking great, or in reality, keeping your sanity looking great while you get drenched, but cheerfully escort your little children inside under your "wing"! I'd recommend a cute design!!! Here are a couple ideas:

 Essential #4---Sunglasses

Do you know you can get a sunburn on your eyeballs? :) You can, and you should wear glasses as much as possible. 2 styles that are usually always classy are


and Aviators:

 Next Spring/Summer you will be seeing a lot of Cat eye styles.

As far a sunglasses go, age doesn't matter much with styles, but I'd leave too crazy of colors for the younger crowd. Face shape determines what will look the best on you. Generally if you have a square-ish face you should go for round glasses. If you have a round face you should go for square/rectangle-ish glasses. I'm one to believe that it's really more a trial and error process. I have an oval face shape and I tend to look better in rectangle styles...but round look ok too. Try it out and get some cat eyes!!! They are totally cute! :)

Life Happens, Mariah

Friday, December 3, 2010

Refreshment for your SOUL

Morning and Evening
Charles H. Spurgeon
December 3, 2010
Morning Reading
There is no spot in thee.
"Having pronounced His Church positively full of beauty, our Lord confirms His praise by a precious negative, "There is no spot in thee." As if the thought occurred to the Bridegroom that the carping world would insinuate that He had only mentioned her comely parts, and had purposely omitted those features which were deformed or defiled, He sums up all by declaring her universally and entirely fair, and utterly devoid of stain. A spot may soon be removed, and is the very least thing that can disfigure beauty, but even from this little blemish the believer is delivered in his Lord's sight. If He had said there is no hideous scar, no horrible deformity, no deadly ulcer, we might even then have marvelled; but when He testifies that she is free from the slightest spot, all these other forms of defilement are included, and the depth of wonder is increased. If He had but promised to remove all spots by-and-by, we should have had eternal reason for joy; but when He speaks of it as already done, who can restrain the most intense emotions of satisfaction and delight? O my soul, here is marrow and fatness for thee; eat thy full, and be satisfied with royal dainties.
Christ Jesus has no quarrel with His spouse. She often wanders from Him, and grieves His Holy Spirit, but He does not allow her faults to affect His love. He sometimes chides, but it is always in the tenderest manner, with the kindest intentions: it is "my love" even then. There is no remembrance of our follies, He does not cherish ill thoughts of us, but He pardons and loves as well after the offence as before it. It is well for us it is so, for if Jesus were as mindful of injuries as we are, how could He commune with us? Many a time a believer will put himself out of humour with the Lord for some slight turn in providence, but our precious Husband knows our silly hearts too well to take any offence at our ill manners."

Life Happens, Mariah