Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey Howdy Hey frrom the Wild, Wild, West!!!

Well, I haven't had the internet for about 2 weeks...ahh...pure torture. lol. just got it up today! I had to come say HI!!! Things are a little slow, since I have been busy unpacking and organizing my house. I had a chance to do some clothes shopping in my new town though, of course...:) I thought I'd write today again about style.

 Remember how I gave ideas and pictures about which style suits you best here?

Well, I thought I'd mention what MY styles are.

First of all, you may have more than one style. I find this with a lot of women. We have our good side and our bad side.

 Some good side styles include: Romantic, Trendy, Classic, and possibly Earthy.

 Some bad side styles include: Wild Child, Sporty, Earthy, and possibly Trendy(fasionista)

Let me explain. Maybe you love the look of a white sheath dress and black tights and black pumps...a very classic look. But you also have the bad boy side and love the look of the biker style leather jacket and ripped and acid wash jeans...etc.

Here is another example and it is also MY style. I'm very girly so my good girl style is Romantica, I love florals, lace, ruffles, eyelet, pearls, diamonds, satin, etc. Here's an example picture:
And next, I have my tough-guy, bad-boy style, which being very girly is just the Earthy but it's true.

I encourage you to find your style(s) and stick with them. It will make shopping WAY more worthwhile. For example, I like to have 2 warm coats. For my Romanitca style I have a cream colored Pea Coat, that's really cute! I'm now looking for a camel haired leather jacket type to go with my Earthy Chic look.: )

Life Happens, Mariah

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