Tuesday, November 30, 2010

5 step-plan to looking your best in your clothes

There are really only 5 things you need to figure out for a perfect wardrobe and the best YOU:

 1. Your shape- how your clothes fit

To me, this is number one because you can wear something that is your color and fits you awful and it's tragic. Or you can wear something that fits you perfectly, but not your color and you may still look presentable with the right make-up. Putting the 2 together just makes you look spectacular.

 2. Your Colors

FIND THEM!!!!!! Seriously, this can change your whole life of shopping and looking good. If you know what colors are your best, just a handful...than you can skip whole racks in the store and just pin point the items you know look good on you. (I saw a woman, I'm guessing in her 50's, wearing her right colors at the store the other day and I had to comment to her that she was just beautiful!)

3. Your Style

Many fashion icons will tell you that personal style ALWAYS trumps over the latest trend. You don't have to be trendy to look good. But you do need to find your style(s) and stick to it. It also makes shopping way easier. If you know you like the nautical look than you will be looking for striped shirts and cute button details on some trouser cut pants...if you know you like romantic you'll be sticking to girly stuff instead of maybe a more modern/contemporary metro look.

4. Your Budget

Having a set amount to spend on clothes each month is important. You don't want to be in debt to your "shopaholic" credit card, nor do you want to completely neglect the way you look and wear rags. Would you want your children to grow up wearing rags, going to their job and looking unprofessional? You are your child's biggest influence. They will copy what you do...don't dress in rags. Making wise choices when shopping will stretch your budget as well. If you know what styles fit your shape, what colors look good on you, what your favorite "style" is, and what clothing lines fit you well, you can shop at a thrift store even and still look good. It's all about coordinating. (Also, side-note, if you do find something at a thrift shop really cheap and great quality, but it has a stain, try going home and soaking it in oxy-clean. It may lift the stain. I've soaked some items in there for a whole week and it worked!!! Just make sure the material can be soaked in something like that first.)

5. Your Accessories

This makes or breaks an outfit. I count shoes as an accessory, because it can really spice up or down an outfit. For example pairing a floral print A-line dress to the knee with some boots can be kind of down to earth feminine. Pairing the floral print dress with a pair of stilettos is totally girly, pairing the floral print dress with a pair of rocker studded heels is quirky, edgy, fun...it's not the dress, obviously, it's the shoes.

Life Happens, Mariah

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