Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ok, ladies, if you won the giftcard, I'll wait over the weekend until I get a response, if I don't hear from either one of you (Tami or francesca00) than I will have to draw one last and final winner on Monday morning. I will give them until Tueday(11-2-10) @ 11:59pm to respond. So sorry about the messy giveaway, but I'm in the process of moving...and I leave next friday, crunch time this week...e-mail me girls!!!

Life Happens, Mariah


Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

You should be able to reply to their comment or see if they have an email in their blogger profile and contact them. Some people don't remember entering giveaways and don't check back with the blog when the drawing occurs. Some people get behind in their blog reading, like I do often, and miss or just haven't seen that they've won yet (has happened twice to me and I was grateful when the blog owner emailed me!)

Hope you get a hold of someone! And hope your move goes well, I know that is a stressful and busy time! Our family has done it many times.

Mariah said...

thanks Jessica, I did e-mail one of them that was available, the other has no contact info. Haven't heard anything yet, probably draw again tomorrow morning. Thanks for the tips!!!

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