Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Post of Esstentials Series for Women


There are some points I need to highlight before moving forward:

What am I doing? 

I'm doing an "Essentials List" Series for Women. I have put together the BEST list I could come up with combining different ideas from many different books and Professionals including, but not limited to, Stacy London, Clinton Kelly, Shari Braendel, Nina Garcia, and Many more...

 How am I going to accomplish this?

I'm going to post a new weekly post featuring another set of essentials and highlighting why they are essential, what age to wear them at, and what body type best works with them. I will have pictures and lots of ideas for you. I will post only a couple of items at a time from the complete 50 item list.

I will try and start from the TOP(hats) down to the BOTTOM(shoes) with the essentials list.

Life Happens, Mariah

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