Monday, October 11, 2010

Do you dress your STYLE?

What style do you dress in? 
What style best brings out your personality? 
Do you express yourself by what you wear?

It makes a big difference. If you don't know your style. Check out some of the ones listed below. I will try and go more in depth with this in the future. :) Have fun, and leave a comment letting me know which you are. Also, if you haven't entered my giveaway for an Old Navy giftcard, enter here.

1. The Fashionista- 

She likes what she likes. She knows how to grab several different items off store racks and put together a totally stylish outfit. She's daring to try new styles and feels confident and comfortable in whatever Fashion throws at her. She will wear bright red lipstick, Leopard Print High Heels, Bright Neon Geometric print cocktail dress, or even some chunky military boots with satin rolled up Capri-pants.

2. Classy Lady-

She is always Classy. Elegant, but safe. Secure of her presence in a crisp white blouse and black knee length skirt with black high heels and maybe a strand of pearls around her neck. She isn't boring, but intriguing. She's the "Woman". The high-class, beauty and brains chick. She's got style!

 3. Earthy Chic-
 Always chill. She's the one who rides with the hippies, dances with the gypsies, loves the cultural, down to earth, home-girl feel. Her colors are usually earth tones. She may wear a prairie skirt or khaki pants and have wooden or seashell accessories. Think of the beautiful sun-kissed tan skinned and naturally blond highlighted, wind-blown, salty long wavy hair, in a flowy white dress, with sand on her feet, and straw hat on her head. 
She knows how to dazzle like a diamond in the rough.

4.  Wild Child-

She is eclectic. She is the one wearing crazy hats, Knee-high laced up boots, with wild printed knee length dresses. She likes to walk on the edge of her social status and is comfortable doing so. Maybe sports a tattoo or piercings. She's most likely wearing contemporary type designs. She can pull any of the other 3 categories into one wild outfit. She's a bit "strange", but totally adorable. Everyone knows her and envies her freedom with dressing fun.

Here's a practical picture of who may wear this style. She has matched 3 different prints, with bright pants, and totally different colors AND for her, it works.

5. Romantica

She loves ruffles, jewels, and anything floral really. She is the ultimate girly-girl. She impresses with her beautiful femininity. She's lovely in her pinks and pearls. She's the ideal Princess-type gal.

6. All-Star (sporty)

She's a tom-boy. Loves to be outdoors mostly, and sports the style of rugged jeans and cargo pants. She may be found at the store in an athletic get-up. Though I don't recommend this as a style, many women fall into this category, especially if their husband and children are constantly hopping from one sporting event to the other. There are also the less original team sports type, but rather the xtreme or solo sporty type of woman. (i.e. the surfer, skater, converse shoe punk in  a sporty way look).

The mix-match-IDK what I'm doing here-

 She usually wears jeans and a t-shirt. Maybe just sweats. For a nice dress up, she may put on a skirt and t-shirt with her tennis shoes and socks showing...:) Jewelry is minimal to a wedding ring and accessories are near to none, besides maybe a 20-year purse, which has worn holes at the bottom and dropping all her change. She needs HELP and to FIND her STYLE!!!

Can you believe I can't find ANY photos online for this genre. I've been searching for what I'm going to have to do is look through some of MY pictures and show you how hideous I can look when I don't try and look cute. :) oh no!

Ok, I couldn't find any of myself, either. This picture was taken by my 5 yr old. I was in the process of changing. So, my pants were quickly turning to black dressy slacks. This is an example of someone dressing into 2 conflicting styles in a bad way- dressy casual shirt with sweatpants. It's stylish right now to have conflicting patterns, that work, like the last picture in the Wild Child category. :)

So which style do you have or would like to have?

Life Happens, Mariah


Dina-Marie said...

I think I am a classy but with a bit of fashionista thrown in.

madana said...

I'm unfortunately the last, trying to find my style.

Mariah said...

@ Dina-Marie, that's a beautiful choice, my mother is the same style, I'm always giving her tips to make her sparkle in that style, I LOVE it.

@ Madana, may I ask you which style would you like to be? Are you a natural-foodist-eco-friendly type? Are you a classy movie star type, are you eclectic? What's your personality like?

Kelly said...

I like the look of the fashonista, but i'm not a big glitz and glam person-so i'm more of the earth and classy. Earthy around town, everyday stuff-classy sometimes on regular day but mostly when getting dressed up, Katie Holmes classy:)

kimberly said...

Help! What if I love the romantica style, but my profession and burley shape don't work with it? Thanks!

Mariah said...

@Kimberly, What's your profession? You can always dressed in a minimal base style and then add in Romantic accessories (scarf, jewelry, shoes, etc). e-mail me at if you want to discuss this further.

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