Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Budget clothing for your Children

Polls showed that we are spending between $30-$100 per season on our children. Check out my " Example Plan for my oldest for Fall/Winter" at the bottom of post.

Here are 5 tips to get your kids looking GREAT for $100 or less. 

1. Elevate the clothes in their closet. Do any of them still fit and are NOT worn with tears or stains? Are they super outdated or still on trend? If you find a couple of articles that still fit, do you want to design the wardrobe around those pieces(colors)? If not get rid of it all and go get everything new. If yes, what colors do you have? Write it down. How many shirts and how many pants? write it down. Click here for a list of boys essentials and here for girls essentials.

2. You really only need one outfit per day. Warm-weather set and cold-weather set. Choose a more minimalistic approach for your whole family in the wardrobe department. Good quality and less pieces. Stick with only a few colors that look best on your child, match shoes to jackets/sweaters i.e black shoes mostly black outerwear print. Solid colors aren't always fun, but they go further than a bunch of prints. I would stick with solid color pants. For girls one neutral skirt, one print. I like having prints on top, so mix and match several fun prints for shirts(long-sleeve in winter, short-sleeved in summer). Plus, children spill on the shirts and prints don't show the stains as easy. If you stick to a color plan like this, shopping even at a thrift store can work. 

3. Do you coupon or visit any freebie websites? They have A LOT of deals that come up for cheap, new kids clothes and shoes.,,

 4. I bought all three of my children wardrobes for the fall/winter from The Children's Place. It's kind of trendy, the prices are ok, but even more, the sales can be awesome. Starting 10-15-10 fall items will be up to 75% off, plus here is a 20% off coupon! I would go into the store to inquire and ask for coupons if you're interested. You can save a huge amount and have a whole new wardrobe for your child around $100. I spent under $300 on my 3 kids. They aren't decked out, but they look nice and cute each day of the week. :)

 5. Sign up for store e-mails from any children stores near you. They will let you in on the sales(and coupons) and remember if what you need isn't on sale, it will be! You don't have to go through a WHOLE season until it's 75% off, you can find a lot of great sales at 30-50% off and it will still be a great deal(esp. if you also have a coupon). Old Navy has a lot of great deals. There are always consignment and thrift stores too. I love them and don't at the same time. You can find a lot of fun, unique items for a discounted price, BUT sometimes the prices are around the same as sales prices at Old Navy or other equivalent stores. And it can be quite hard to match everything successfully.  I'd say check your options, not all online prices reflect store prices, but sometimes if you print it out and show the store they are willing to give it to you at that price.

 It takes a little bit of brain work, but with proper evaluation and planning, you can do it for cheap! Any questions? Feel free to ask!

 Example Plan for my oldest for Fall/Winter:

Winter Coat- Black and Dark Gray(from last year)
Raincoat-Navy blue(from last year)
Sweatshirt- nice, trendy multi color with dark gray background(new)

Sweatshirt(pullover)- brown (for playing)(consignment store)

7-long-sleeved shirts- one nice plaid and buttoned(black, red, gray colors), several t-shirts with graphics on front in blue, red, gray, brown. (new)
7 Pants- nice dark gray cords, 3 jeans(blue denim, black denim), 2 cargo style(black and dark gray), sweatpants(athletic style) (new)
Shoes-Black skate shoes(new), brown shoes(consignment), Yellow Rainboots(hand me down), and Winter Ugg boots (hand me down from his Aunt)

New socks from The Children's Place ($1 each sale, bought 5---mostly black to go with his shoes) and new underwear from Ross(cheap there).

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