Thursday, September 9, 2010


 I recently read somewhere about a woman saying that every woman has a life quest to find the greatest picture of herself. Well, I haven't found mine, but I can say that I think it's getting ridiculous out there in the photography world. It's all photoshopped!!! So much so that "photoshopped" has become the new buzz word for "fake". So many pictures I come across are fake, photoshopped!!! Does this make anyone else mad? I don't care if other girls are beautiful; I think everyone is beautiful. I care about fake vs. real. I care about honesty and encouraging each other to live a joyful life, without TRYING to make people jealous of you, that's what I care about. I appreciate REAL photos of REAL people now more than ever. Call me old fashioned, but I think we could use a healthy dose of reality in this department. So, I'm on a mission to show you what I REALLY look like every day. I will take a picture of myself...somedays I wear make-up and fix my hair, some days I don't. So we will see what happens over the next week. I will take a photo every day, the first one, I won't keep trying for a "good" one. You will soon find out, I have a bigger than average nose, and I'm prone to get acne certain times of the month. 7 days I will do this just to show that it can be done---living life without being "photoshopped".

Day 2- photo

Life Happens,


Beautifully Broken said...

I LOVE THIS!! You should turn this into a "challenge". I think it would make a lot of women feel better to SEE first hand that we ALL struggle with the same things. Pictures can also show us that the things we give ourselves a hard time about-no one else actually sees.

Gorgeous pic, wonderful post!

Heather @ Called to this Journey said...

You are very brave. I dont think I could do that. I can't even take a nice picture with make-up on. My skin is constantly broke out everyday of the month not just 7. By the way you are beautiful without any make-up. I hate the extra time it takes to put it on. Sometimes it clears up a little and I usually don't wear any make-up if I'm gonna be home. Don't know if I would be brave enough to actually take photo and post on my blog though.

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