Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last Picture for the week

SO, I didn't have a chance to get ready woke up before me, wanting breakfast, etc...the day started with my head flying forward and my feet dangling behind. My hair is disgustingly messy...oh well...:)
Life Happens, Mariah

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Xochi said...

You are a gorgeous natural beauty, sister! I love the blog & I could so use your help. I am totally not a fashionista. In fact, my fave accessory is a hoodie! LOL! Maybe it's because I'm in Urban Youth Ministry. :)

I am proud of you for what you are doing on this site. Let's keep in touch. Feel free to contact me via my website email at

Also, my new Guest Writer's page will be up and running in October 2010. As long as the work is God honoring, I'm considering it for publication. I hope you will consider submitting something. I'd love a piece on how to clothe our temples in style and in a way that honors our amazing Creator!

Keep up the great work, sister!

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