Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dress Your Age this Fall

Please click each link below to view pics on each website.

I decided to look on-line for a couple age appropriate outfits for the fall:

Casual look! (the one in the middle) love it!
Casual Look2
 Dressy Casual 1(similar style, this one's too short)
Cute Dressy Casual look 2 w/ leather jacket
Dressy Look 1 (day)

 Dressy Look2(love the colors and fabric style, would be good to find something more modest)

Casual 2
Casual 3

Dressy Casual 1
Dressy Casual2

Casual Look
Dressy Casual Look2
Dressy Casual 3

Casual Look1
Casual Look2
Casual Look3
Dressy Look1
Dressy Look2


Casual Look1
Casual Look 2
Casual Look3 (for the rocker style "grandma")
Casual Look4
Dressy Casual1
Dressy Casual2
Dressy 2  (needs some accessories to dress it up, otherwise it's too casual)

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southofthefork said...

What a super neat post. Thank you for sharing this at the Homemaking Link-Up from a cosmetologically-challenged and fashion-challenged wife and mother!

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