Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Designer's Eye

Do you have an "eye" for design? I'm thinking of starting a weekly fun day on this blog to show off different clothing and how to pair and match them. I'll have it open to comments to see what you guys think would look great together. Then the following week I'll show you my Designer's Eye matches and give you a new set to look through...Do you think that would be fun??? Here's a sneak peek:

 Tell me which shirts would you pair with which pants and which shoes!!!Please, don't be afraid to comment. There is no wrong answer when it comes to individual style. You may pair something different than I would, and that's OK. We may have different style tastes. What I will mention, is why certain cuts and hems of clothing work better with some than others. :) talk to me, ladies!

Life Happens, Mariah

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Christy Stanton said...

I like the green shirts with the jeans paired with the heels and maybe a tank underneath.

My daughter likes the plaid shirt with the black boots:)

Christy S.

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