Thursday, September 30, 2010

Designer's Eye Match Ups

Here are the match ups that I see will work!

 The matches are in horizontal lines.

Match 1) When you are wearing skinnier type pants you want to pair it with a loser top, as in the plaid one I picked out. When you are wearing a print(plaid), it's best to pull one color out of the print to match your bottoms with. I choose the charcoal gray riding pants, and because they were riding-style pants. I wanted to stay in the same style genre and go with the more sporty, cowboy style boots, Instead of the fancier brown boots pictured below.

Match 2) I love the look of a form fitting(not tight) floral top and a skirt. It's so cute. Keep your foral pattern to size of your body, larger flowers on a larger body, smaller on a smaller body. Skirt length would be about 1-2 inches above knee. I would pair this with white tights(since they are "in" this Fall 2010 season) and I chose the fancier type boots, because I wanted to dress up the outfit a little, but that outfit could be paired with many different types of shoes (just no bulky, chunky styles)

Match 3) This is a great outfit for those who have a little tummy. The top is not bulky, but it fits a little loosely and skims over the body. The Trouser style jeans are great to tuck in a little bit of tummy and not get the muffin top look. The shoes add a bit of style and fun. They are daring, but not too crazy!  You don't want to pair a bulky top to a bulky pair of pants, so try and get a top that skims your body(modestly) if you pair it with a trouser or wide-leg style pair of pants.

Life Happens, Mariah

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