Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recommended Fashion Book

 This book just arrived in my mail yesterday. I'm so excited to see what Shari has to say! I really love her blog and her heart for women across the board. She loves Jesus and loves to teach women what true beauty is. I will be reading this and high-lighting some of the special points I enjoyed in the book here on my blog soon, just for fun! I hope you guys go check out her site, it's great! (click on the pic if you want to order your own book, I'd recommend it-there is no incentive for me, I'm just letting you know about it)

Life Happens, Mariah

Designer's Eye Match Ups

Here are the match ups that I see will work!

 The matches are in horizontal lines.

Match 1) When you are wearing skinnier type pants you want to pair it with a loser top, as in the plaid one I picked out. When you are wearing a print(plaid), it's best to pull one color out of the print to match your bottoms with. I choose the charcoal gray riding pants, and because they were riding-style pants. I wanted to stay in the same style genre and go with the more sporty, cowboy style boots, Instead of the fancier brown boots pictured below.

Match 2) I love the look of a form fitting(not tight) floral top and a skirt. It's so cute. Keep your foral pattern to size of your body, larger flowers on a larger body, smaller on a smaller body. Skirt length would be about 1-2 inches above knee. I would pair this with white tights(since they are "in" this Fall 2010 season) and I chose the fancier type boots, because I wanted to dress up the outfit a little, but that outfit could be paired with many different types of shoes (just no bulky, chunky styles)

Match 3) This is a great outfit for those who have a little tummy. The top is not bulky, but it fits a little loosely and skims over the body. The Trouser style jeans are great to tuck in a little bit of tummy and not get the muffin top look. The shoes add a bit of style and fun. They are daring, but not too crazy!  You don't want to pair a bulky top to a bulky pair of pants, so try and get a top that skims your body(modestly) if you pair it with a trouser or wide-leg style pair of pants.

Life Happens, Mariah

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Designer's Eye

Do you have an "eye" for design? I'm thinking of starting a weekly fun day on this blog to show off different clothing and how to pair and match them. I'll have it open to comments to see what you guys think would look great together. Then the following week I'll show you my Designer's Eye matches and give you a new set to look through...Do you think that would be fun??? Here's a sneak peek:

 Tell me which shirts would you pair with which pants and which shoes!!!Please, don't be afraid to comment. There is no wrong answer when it comes to individual style. You may pair something different than I would, and that's OK. We may have different style tastes. What I will mention, is why certain cuts and hems of clothing work better with some than others. :) talk to me, ladies!

Life Happens, Mariah

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cute Glasses

Girls With Glasses from Brooke White on Vimeo.

Life Happens, Mariah

We are wearing our clothes too big, ladies, that's right they are TOO BIG

Check out this website. It has a great presentation on the home page about how to trim off "extra" pounds created by wearing the wrong clothing cuts. I LOVE it...It's so important to know. I see a LOT of older women in their 40's with the problems highlighted on the blog. Check it out! Don't buy the code though...if you stick around long on this blog you'll learn everything you need to know. I'm preparing to do a lot of fun fashion 101 courses on here, free!!! Just because I like to do it. :)

Life Happens, Mariah

Last Picture for the week

SO, I didn't have a chance to get ready woke up before me, wanting breakfast, etc...the day started with my head flying forward and my feet dangling behind. My hair is disgustingly messy...oh well...:)
Life Happens, Mariah

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Pic for Today

8:00 AM, tired and totally un-photoshopped as usual...:)  In my night shirt stilll. :)

Life Happens, Mariah

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9-14-10 picture

today's pic @  12:40pm

My son wanted in on the fun!

Day 7 Photo

Life Happens, Mariah

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tired, Long Monday

So we woke up early to get school pictures taken. My son goes to a special school and even I had to get my picture taken. Here I am at 10pm tonight, make-up mostly worn off. And very tired...:)

Day 6 Photo

Life Happens, Mariah

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Sunday!!!

Today, I woke up early and scored 4 boxes of Playtex tampons, and a pack of gum for $2.63. Then we went on a family walk. Here's my pic for today, taken right now around 1:30pm...after a walk and ice cream, lol. :)

Have a great Sunday, hug your family extra today!
Day 5 Photo

Life Happens, Mariah

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The other picture for today

Still no make-up, still messy hair, but dressed!!! lol, I had to leave the house early with my 3 kids...:D


 CLICK HERE: Day 4 Photo

Dress Your Age this Fall

Please click each link below to view pics on each website.

I decided to look on-line for a couple age appropriate outfits for the fall:

Casual look! (the one in the middle) love it!
Casual Look2
 Dressy Casual 1(similar style, this one's too short)
Cute Dressy Casual look 2 w/ leather jacket
Dressy Look 1 (day)

 Dressy Look2(love the colors and fabric style, would be good to find something more modest)

Casual 2
Casual 3

Dressy Casual 1
Dressy Casual2

Casual Look
Dressy Casual Look2
Dressy Casual 3

Casual Look1
Casual Look2
Casual Look3
Dressy Look1
Dressy Look2


Casual Look1
Casual Look 2
Casual Look3 (for the rocker style "grandma")
Casual Look4
Dressy Casual1
Dressy Casual2
Dressy 2  (needs some accessories to dress it up, otherwise it's too casual)

Ok here's the 2nd photo, it's HORRIBLE

I promised a photo each day, but we were very busy yesterday with errands, homeschooling, cleaning the house, etc...Life Happens! Anyway, I'll take 2 pics today. This one was taken first thing in the morning. It's terrible, I have a weird expression and yeah, it's just bad...but it's real. the 1st one I took, no make-up, messy hair, in my night shirt still...

Day 3 Photo

Life Happens, Mariah

Thursday, September 9, 2010


 I recently read somewhere about a woman saying that every woman has a life quest to find the greatest picture of herself. Well, I haven't found mine, but I can say that I think it's getting ridiculous out there in the photography world. It's all photoshopped!!! So much so that "photoshopped" has become the new buzz word for "fake". So many pictures I come across are fake, photoshopped!!! Does this make anyone else mad? I don't care if other girls are beautiful; I think everyone is beautiful. I care about fake vs. real. I care about honesty and encouraging each other to live a joyful life, without TRYING to make people jealous of you, that's what I care about. I appreciate REAL photos of REAL people now more than ever. Call me old fashioned, but I think we could use a healthy dose of reality in this department. So, I'm on a mission to show you what I REALLY look like every day. I will take a picture of myself...somedays I wear make-up and fix my hair, some days I don't. So we will see what happens over the next week. I will take a photo every day, the first one, I won't keep trying for a "good" one. You will soon find out, I have a bigger than average nose, and I'm prone to get acne certain times of the month. 7 days I will do this just to show that it can be done---living life without being "photoshopped".

Day 2- photo

Life Happens,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fashion Trends of Toddlers

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my kids expressing their own style with clothes. I love it!!!

The Underwear over the pants trick...classic!
Wearing Dad's Boxers like a dress...haha!
 Wearing Mom's make-up as war paint...nice!
Swim shorts, belt, "click click, come here horsey"

Superhero costume, a must...
A Secure hair net (check)
A rubber thing on nose...awesome...

My computer isn't letting me access anymore pictures, so to be's late and I'm tired anyway. :) good night!