Saturday, August 14, 2010

Boy Wardrobe HELP

So if you haven't already snatched up some great back to school deals for your kids' clothes, I've got a great list for you to focus on when you do.

Easy Wardrobe Checklist for Your Son(s):

  1. 5 pants(for weekdays)-jeans or khakis, cargo, whatever your son's style is
  2. 7-10 long and short sleeved shirts (you can get away with less if you homeschool)-collared, polo, graphic tees, solid tees, you name it!
  3. 4 pairs of shoes. 2 for weekday/weekend school stuff. 1 for sports, playing outside, athlectic stuff, and 1 pair of rain/snow boots(depending on where you live)
  4. 2 sweaters or sweatshirts (again, depending on style)
  5. 1 lightweight coat
  6. 1 heavy winter coat
  7. 1 outfit for Church or holiday party, i.e. nice slacks, nice shirt, nice shoes
  8. 1 weekend outfit
  9. 2 sports suits-or equivalent (if your child plays sports)
  10. 7 pairs of underwear and 8-12 pairs of socks(not white, please!)

For your Boy's Wardrobe:

Weekday wear-
5 jeans, pants, whatever you want him to wear to school, one for each day of the week.

7-10 long and/or short sleeved T-shirts, button-down shirts, and/or polo shirts.

2 pairs of shoes (I'd stick with solid, neutral colors)

2 Sweatshirts or Sweaters, keep them neutral and the same colors of the shoes.(if you want a printed design, one of the major colors in the print should be the same color as one of the shoes)

 1 winderbreaker or raincoat (depending on wear you live) something light but can still be worn over(not in place of) the sweatshirt/sweater.
 1 winter coat

 Of course 7 pairs of underwear ( whitey tighty's or boxer briefs is what my boys like) and 12 pairs of socks, because the dryer always eats them up. (Note about socks, don't buy white ones, please. They don't match ANYTHING. Buy the same color as his pants or shoes.)

Now, for the weekend or sport practice:

An outfit for church...

An outfit for an "outting"-

And 2 outfits for lounging/ sports practice-
*Active wear shoes(keep separate from other other, because these WILL get dirty and stinky too---ordorzout is the ONLY thing that works to get out odor from shoes or dirty rags)
*For Christmas or a special event, just buy some dress shoes and a nice sweater or longsleeved shirt, and pair it with the nice "church" pants he already has.

*All Clothes and shoes are from Old Navy, Gap, or

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