Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fall 2010 Fashion Trends for Women

  • Black is BACK, I knew it would be. Brown's just been around too long. :) Too bad I look terrible in black...haha

  • Texture galor. Play it up with tons of different mix and match textures. Velvet, valor, silk, cords, leather, fur too.

  • Capes, they are everywhere, remember the poncho craze? Well, if you missed it, you can hop on board, because they are working along side capes this Fall.
  • Embellished artwork is in. We are talking embellished beads and metals instead of a printed designs.

  • Wearing something to look like a man with a feminine twist is "in".

Some new outfit looks for Fall 2010:

 60's Lady style:
70's Lady style:
Military look is STILL in, as well as thigh high boots( you go-go girl):
Ok, so Layering is the thing of the decade, right? You have got to do, if you don't already:
Here is an outfit broken down into each layer:
First layer "under shirt" tank top, then A draped sweater vest, next leather jacket, pair with jean leggings:

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