Thursday, August 26, 2010

Best Beauty Tip ever!

My best beauty tip ever is not an outward beauty kind, but it does effect it.

This Picture is when I was 16.

When I was in high school, I fell in love...yes, with a boy, but not at first. At first I fell in love with Jesus. He was my everything, still is, although, sometimes more on the back burner than I want to admit.  I read the Bible and studied it on my own all the time, it became my favorite thing to do. People would tell me continually that I was "glowing". Christians would say glow, other people would just say something in the "beautiful" category. Now, I'm not the most attractive person, so any kind of comment in this department has to come from a girl totally buzzin-a-glow off the presence of God. That's my beauty secret! Of course, I don't try and hang-out with God to be beautiful. It's just a natural thing that happens when you do hang out with Him. To have a calm, peaceful, loving, secure, welcoming presence about you is SO attractive. ONLY Jesus can give you that. It's impossible to be that way without Him, at least for me it is. I'm a basket case, really grumpy, selfish and ugly when I'm not loving God first and hanging out with Him all day. I don't ever want to claim or seem I have it all together, because I most certainly don't! Jesus NEVER ceases to amaze me though, when I give over my day to what He wants to do. That's the only time I glow...:) it is really beautiful!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall Wardrobe for GIRLS

Here's the checklist:

  • 1 Winter Coat
  • 1 Lightweight Coat
  • 2-4 sweaters, sweater vests, or another layer
  • 4-5 pants for weekdays
  • 1-2 skirt with leggings for weekday
  • 7-10 shirts to match weekday pants or skirt
  • 2 Play dress(to get dirty) -or- 1 sweatpants/sweatshirt outfit to get dirty/be sick in
  • 1 nice pants and nice top outfit (for going out-movies, etc)
  • 2+ dresses for birthday parties(the many there usually are) and church
  • 2 active-wear outfits with sporty shoes (soccer, cheer, etc)
  • 2 warm sets of Pajamas
  • Any tights, leggings, undershirts needed
  • 2 pairs of shoes to go with weekday clothes, one pair neutral if not both
  • 1 pair of nice, dressy weekend shoes for the dresses
  • Hair bows and headbands to match sweaters
Here's the list broken down:

Winter Coat
Lightweight Coat
Pants (weekday)
(those pants are a mix of baby and older girls)

Skirts  (blue for babygirl, plaid for elementary girl)
Dirty Clothes(dresses and/or sweats)
Nice Pants and Nice Top Outfit for an outting
Party/Church Dresses
Tights or Leggings
Shoes/Boots for weekdays
Weekend Dressy Shoes

Ok, so obviously all of this stuff doesn't match each other, but I was just giving options and ideas of different pieces you can use. I would sick to 2 neutral colors and 3-4 other colors. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fall 2010 Fashion Trends for Women 3

Hair Styles for Fall 2010 and Accessories:
Blunt Bangs, Headbands, Flowers, Side parts-

Looks that incorporate it all:

Look 1 Look 2 and Look 3 (pictured)cape/poncho look-
Look 4 and 5 are from Ralph Lauren, cute boots!

I'll update more looks late, it's hard, because not many companies have their Fall looks in spotlight yet.