Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wardrobe Lifestyle Chart!!!!

I love Shari Braendel...she's awesome...her website is so fun to follow every week too. Here is her newest free resource online. It's a Wardrobe checklist with instructions on how to use it. I think it's well balanced, flexible, and smart. Anyway, just thought I'd give anyone reading this a heads up.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From Ugly to Elegant

There's been something on my mind for quite awhile now. It's the difference, the gap, or the bridge, rather, between ugly and elegant. I'm the type of person that wants to look elegant but usually looks ugly. There's just one little word that transforms what I think is ugly to what I think is elegant. And it's "effort". Yes a little effort can go a long way when it comes to looking nice.

Here are 5 tips that I have recently used to transform myself from ugly to elegant.

1. Keep your hair nice. It's the first thing people tend to notice. Try and put a little effort into your hair. Curl it, straighten it, learn cute up-do styles that are fast and easy. If you have long enough hair to do a messy bun I posted a vlog from Courtney at Women Living Well on how to make that. If you're like me and have layers that are hard to put all up, than I suggest a side part and pinning the "bangs" or shorter layers behind ears with bobby pins and throwing the rest of your hair back in a pony or bun on the spot of your head that is most flattering to you. For me, it's the crown of my head. Some of you will be lucky to have an elegant chignon on the nape of your neck, not me.

2. Wash your face. Get in a good habit every morning and night. Make sure you do it a night MOST importantly. Add a pinch of white granulated sugar to your soap or facial cleansar to scrub away your dead skin cells and dirt, etc. Warning, it can be a bit rough and could cause thinning of your skin, but I use it and this tip was recommended by a leading Make-Up Celebrity, Carmindy. My face looks younger and more alive when I use the sugar scrub, I LOVE it.

3. Make sure your eyebrows are well groomed, that is probably the most important "make-up" tip I can give you. I try and groom mine once a week, every day can sometimes be needed, just plucking at one or 2 stray hairs. If you are strapped for money tweezing is the cheapest way. If you are totally ignorant about what nice looking eyebrows are on your face, go to a good salon, pay $15-$20 and get your eyebrows waxed. If you can afford to do that more often than once, make it a routine, it'll keep you looking good. I can't afford it, so I get it done once a year, it seems like, and then try and keep them groomed with my tweezers. :) If your eye lids are feeling a little saggy, you can create arches with your eyebrows to make you look perkier. Or some of us who are very hairy need to slick off the uni-brow. My husband is a dirty blond, but he still has a light uni-brow. He bought a ear, nose, and eyebrow hair trimmer last Christmas-ish and it works so WELL. I would highly recommend that for your hubby!

4. Learn to apply make-up that flatters your best features and your natural coloring, skin, eyes, hair...etc. You can go to any make-up counter at a department store in the mall, and ask questions about what they think would look best on you. Sometimes they'll pressure you to buy, but usually not. They are usually fun and helpful. I've had more luck with the younger ones than the older gals, for some reason.  Do not over do your make-up. Less is more. Put a nice base coat of foundation that perfectly matches your skin(this is an item to invest a little more in). You don't have to wear a thick layer. Put it on your nose, cheeks, forehead, and lightly blend toward hair line, chin, and jaw. Don't use clown colors. If you want one feature to stand out, up play that feature and down play the others. For example, say you have a beautiful smile and nice set of puckers. Wear that bright pink, red, tangerine, or whatever stand out color of lipstick, and lightly dust on blush so that you can't really tell it's there; it'll give a nice light dusting of color(like a natural real blush you would have), and also down play your eyes, put on one eyeshadow color that is similar to your skin tone but with a little shimmer. Put on some eye liner, or not, and some mascara and you're one beautiful gal.

5. Dress properly. Ill fitting clothes looks sloppy. Stains, holes, out of date(minus the classics) looks sloppy. Mismatched looks sloppy. I'm talking here about more than colors. Colors can be sadly mismatched, but that is the least of my concerns recently. It's the styles that are clashing. Let me give some examples, basketball shorts with dressy sandals? new style? no...jogging pants with slip on sandals or crocs...ugly. If you are wearing jogging pants you better be wearing jogging shoes and you better be jogging!!! If you are wearing crocs you better be out in the garden kneeling on a cute little gardening knee pad, because quite frankly, they are just not elegant for wardrobe use. I am realizing that many of us "know" how to dress ourself and/or our kids well, but we say, "oh well, it's just soccer practice, or it's just the store, it's ok [to look sloppy]". Well, if you want to get in the rut of looking ugly everywhere than it is OK. But if you want to look pulled together and nice than put in the effort. It does take effort to put in 2 pigtails and bows into your 2 yr old daughters hair, who wants to fight you the whole time and pull it all out when you're done. BUT it looks SO cute when it stays and all of a sudden the little ragamuffin is the new baby model in town(hypothetically).Don't let laziness or defeat rob you of a beautiful family. Put in the effort.

So, clean your face, put your hair up nice, wear the right fitting clothes and proper styles that match each other, keep your eye brows trimmed, and go light on the make-up...you'll be oh, so, ELEGANT!