Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wardrobe Essential List for Daughters toddler to teen(give or take some items):

NOTE: Pick one Dark neutral color and one light neutral color and use only those 2 neutrals as a base for any item that says neutral color. Know your daughters DCC, what colors are her best, what looks good on her? Pick 3-4 of her best colors and fill the rest of her wardrobe with those colors to go along with her neutrals. BTW, her neutrals should look good on her to, not everyone can wear black. I can't, but my mom can, go figure!

From top to bottom all Seasons:

* Sun Hat(light neutral or straw), Dressy "Easter" hat(optional), Winter Hat/Beanie with matching gloves/mittens and scarf ( I'd go for a fun DCC color pop to go with neutral jackets)


* 2-3 scarves-2 light weight(spring and summer prints or colors, remember DCC) and 1 heavy(neutral)

* Heavy Winter Coat(down, etc) in a Neutral Color

* Another Jacket little lighter-peacoat or equevelent in a neutral color

* Light wind breaker/rain coat in a fun, DCC pop color

* 1 Zipped up sweatshirt, in a fun color with print of design

* 2 nice sweaters (pullovers- 1 neutral color, 1 DCC color)

* 2-3 button down cardigans(1 light neutral such as white or cream, tan; 1 fun summery color that will match spring/summer dresses such as (peach or pink or yellow); 1 dark neutral such as black or brown that go with black or other color dress shoes, think Christmas)

* 3 long-sleeved girly blouses (2 fun prints, patterns, 1 neutral)

* 3-4 long-sleeved T-shirts(1-2 neutral colors and 2 DCC)

* 2 long-sleeved shirts with fun print or design

* 1 sweater/fleece vest(fun color)

* 1 Heavy vest(down) in neutral color

* 2 jogging outfits (warm and matching zipper hoodie with pants and matching athletic shoes are a plus)

* 2 Thick, warm dresses(one in neutral color; one in fun print, i.e. scottish plaid)

* 1 long skirt(tweed or wool, neutral color-for older girls)

* 2-3 belts- one dark neutral, one wide in fun color, one thin in fun color

* 2-3 shorter skirts(at or slightly above the knee), 1 pencil skirt in neutral, 1 flowy fun print, 1 denim

* 4 dresses- lighter material, summer/spring colors and prints; short-sleeved or sleeveless; structured or flowy; not higher than finger tips when arms are stretched down.

* Leggings- to wear under skirts and dresses, white, dark neutral, match to cardigan colors

* 3 shorts- denim, khaki, and print(plaid)

* 2-3 thick, warm tights, esp. for toddlers, neutral and 1 print(match to jackets)

* 5 Pants-
      - 3 jeans (2 for flats, 1 for little heels)
      - 2 casual Khaki "chinos" in any neutral colors that work with DCC colors

* 2 Capri Pants- white or tan; fun print(for young girls, not older)

* 2 Bathing suits

* 2-3 Pajamas warm and cool weather appropriate

* Socks- match same color as pants, if wearing jeans, match to shoe color. Wear ankle, no-show socks with athletic shoes.


*Winter boots(neutral, leather type)

*Rain boots, if needed(neutral or fun print to match Rain coat)(recommend POP color)

*Outdoor hiking shoes

*Tennis Shoes for every day

*Running/ athletic shoes for playing

*Casual flats, ballet type(recommend one neutral and one POP color)

* Casual closed toe heels for older girls

* Pool flip-flops (match bathing suit)

* Dressy Shoes for Christmas dress, etc

*Embellished flat sandals for summer fun

note about shoes: please wear appropriate style of shoe with style of clothes. No pretty dresses and cardigans with tennis shoes. No skirts and athletic shoes. No sweats and dress shoes, etc. I see kids all the time wearing inappropriate shoes for their outfit. You do not need to buy a different color shoe for every outfit, stick with mainly neutral shoes and buy 1-2 pop DCC colors than will incorporate well into the wardrobe.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


The post I had of the bathing suits, all, but one came from the Land's End website. Yesterday I saw them on sale for 40%-50% off at Sears. Just letting you guys know...:)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

For Your Husbands

I wrote up an 'essentials' lists for our husbands and children. Today's Post will be for husbands. It's just my own personal ideas on what I think is needed for a good, fully-functional wardrobe; for an average guy, nothing too fancy. *note you need to pick a dark neutral color that in consistant through out the whole wardrobe(Black, Dark brown, Dark Grey, Navy blue, Dark Olive Green, Dark Plum)

Husband's Essential Wardrobe List:

*Baseball cap, winter hat with matching gloves and scarf, any kind of fedora or cowboy hat for the sun.

*Sunglasses- complimentary to face shape...usually if you have round face go for boxier framed glasses and "square" type face goes for rounder framed glasses.

*Winter Coats (2)(ex. down, trench, carhart)-since they are out and about more and get dirty more often

*Lighter weight jacket (ex. blazer, leather biker jacket, or a zipped up cargo/cotton style)-something comfortable to wear in fall and spring, but too warm for summer, and not warm enough for winter)

*Sweatshirts (2)- 1 zippered in a neutral color, 1 pullover in a DCC color

*Sweaters(3)-dressy/casual kind- 1 turtleneck, 1 neautral, 1 color(v-neck, round)

*Long-sleeved button down shirts(6)- white, dark neutral, 2 for business interviews blue(light or medium),  2 print or fun solid colors for date night

*Vests (2)- heavy winter one(neutral color) and lighter fall/spring one(classic color-dark green, camel brown)

*T-shirts(7)-mix and match, long sleeved, short sleeved, solid neutral, white, dark neutral, print(only a couple) and DCC color

*Polo Shirts-short sleeved(2)-or any other nice collared shirt, 1 DCC colored, 1 neutral

*Belts (2)- 1 dressy for suits, one casual for jeans or chinos, a dark neutral.

*Athletic Pants(2)-for jogging or being comfortable around house or playing basketball with friends, etc.(match with sweatshirts)

*Casual Slacks (3)- go for Khakis, Dark Neutral and another neutral color that is complimentary.

*Jeans(3)-hemmed 1/2 from ground, do NOT taper in at the ankle, NO boot cut, they taper in at the knee. I recommend straight leg and loose fit. Get in a dark wash with no "stress" marks(if your husband is heavy), they are the white colored lines gathered at the front pockets, or the faded spots on thighs and butt...that's a big NO. If he's thin, stress marks are fine. I would recommend a dark wash, maybe 2 and a medium wash pair.

*Nice pair of dressy/casual pants(1)-dark neutral, something you could wear a sports coat with

*Athletic Shorts(2)-match with sweatshirts/ or T-shirts, for warm weather and sports activities

*Patterned Shorts(2)-plaid, checkers, whatever is trendy, match with solid colored T-shirts in DCC. Pick one main color of print and wear that as a solid color for your shirt

*Khaki shorts(3-4)-cargo pockets or just "walker" shorts. Make sure on all shorts and pants that the pockets are lined up nicely to make the rear look good. Pick colors in your DCC and dark neutrals or Khaki is always good. When you are picking a Khaki color make sure you don't buy the same tone as your skin color, get a tone that's a big difference, but still compliments your natural skin color.

*Socks-no white socks, they are not needed. The rule of thumb is, wear the same color of sock that your pants are. If you are wearing jeans than match your sock color to your shoe. Wear ankle socks with shorts and try to wear the same color as your shoe.

*Undershirts(I like black ones) and boxer briefs are good to have too.

*A good suit-Buy it at a store to have it perfectly fitted, your dark neutral color or black

*Board shorts (and rash guard too)

*Pajamas-nice pair of flannel pants and shirt, in the summer, boxers work.
 *Work clothes for His job any specialty items

 *Dirty job clothes-that can be ruined with paint, oil, dirt


*Winter boots(hunting/insulated hiking boots)

*Working boots-steel toed, leather, non-slip sole

*Athletic shoes

*Weekend shoes, something classy and casual-whatever your style is

*Pair of good leather or sporty sandals that fasten all around foot well

*A pair of flip flops for the pool or river

*Pair of non-dressy casual shoes that you could mow the lawn in or run to the store.

I can't think if I'm missing anything right now, this is sort of a rough draft, but here it is anyhow.