Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 Trends

Spring and Summer 2010-

*The "messy", loose, mermaid braid. *Sumarai, top knot on top of head. *Loose up-do's.

Eyes: they seem to be popular in pastel colors, yellow, lavendar, neutrals, etc...which gives way for a POP of color for the cheeks or lips.

Cheeks: think tropical, bronze(don't do too much, a fresher, less fake, glossy cheek is "in"), tangerine, coral.
Lips: I'm seeing Orange/tangerine, Peachy/Pink and Vibrant Pinks and Oranges and even some Reds still. Get a a fun punch of pink color in a more creamy matte lipstick. Matte-not glossy-lips are more in style now; not dry, just a creamy matte finish.


Top 3 Trends are:
 1.Vintage floral(90's style)-smaller prints, fine, delicate, femine looking, yet a little old-classic vintage.

2.Tribal is still are military jackets, the 2 work very well together. Remember to pick one clothing piece to focus on and the rest of your pieces neutralize.

shoes are from payless, skirt is great to balance out a larger upper body, blouse is great for those with a tummy.

                                This is a slight military jacket
I love this tribal look
3. Nautical-sailor/beachy style.

For shoes:

Floral Vintage closed toe, and a nautical-loafer

For Summer Sandals:
Wedges and Embellished flats.

Reminder about Wedge sandals, if you go with a solid color as close to your skin color as possible, it'll give the illusion of crazy, long legs. Remember, no platforms after your 20's.


Vintage pieces, metalics, mixing metals, bright yellow gold, and seashells.

If you are going for a nuetral color, go with the same color as your hair. If you're going for a print keep it proportional to your body frame size, and that goes for how big the purse is too.

More photos of items in style:

cuffed shorts, walking/bermuda shorts are modest and cute, dresses are short this season-try and stay close to the knee.

The chocolate brown dress is a great dress for the triangle shape, because it focuses on top and hides your larger bottom half, AND it has a wide tummy band to hold you in. The pink dress is great for those with a large chest, the V cut seperates the "girls" so you don't get a uni-boob. Please keep the V higher and cover up cleavage (can be sewed closed).And the tight waist accentuates the narrowness part of body.

Jean Jackets a really big, everywhere right now and can be worn with almost everything, even jeans, if the color of denim different enough. Wear over a dress, with a tank and skirt, with khaki pants, jeans, shorts, everything...

 This is just a general guideline to give you a feel for what's out there this coming season, some of it is not even something I'd personally wear.

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