Saturday, May 22, 2010

Best Bathingsuit for your shape

All the bathingsuits are off of land's end website, click here.

If your an Inverted Triangle:
Ample support for your bust, they make many bathing suits out there that can ahieve this. If you want to minimize them, keep darker colors on top and lighter on bottoms. Keep small prints on top and mix with larger prints on bottoms. If you have no hips, or small frame below, use a small ruffle to balance out the top. This stripped has great support and is SUPER cute, go here to view the back.

If you are a Triangle:

Can I say push up bra! The vine-printed tankini is a puch-up style, very cute! For a one piece go for something that will show off your shoulders, to even out your bottom half. Make sure the bottoms have high rises for your legs. I know you want to cover them up, but let it all hang out, and focus up top. It'll draw more attention to your hips and rear if you wear a tankini or one piece with a ruffle that sits at the hips, if you want more coverage, go for a boyshorts or a small skirt that ends an inch past the bottom cheeks.

If you're an Apple or have a tummy:
( I want to focus on this, because no matter what you're shape is, after having kids, you generally have a baby pouch that is hard to get rid of. I do!)

Best Choice: my biggest recommendation would be a one piece that gathers in diagnal ruching, in a solid color, with pretty details at the bust.

Great Choice: A tankini will hide some bulges, but make sure it's long enough and not going half way up your stomach. It can be a little looser and brush the surface of your tummy.

Good Choice: Bikinis that fall below the stomach rather than cutting into it, try some with boyshorts.

If you are all over curvy or star shaped look for these styles:

An all over support one peice is great for star shaped figures. Look for bathingsuits that have illusion lines. Such as this orange one, it slenderizes your frame. Also, go solid, one color tone.

If you have a short torso and long legs:

NO one-pieces! Go tankini style!
You can wear a miniskirt or shorts to cut the length off your legs and balance out your torso, or you can love your long legs and lengthen your torso by wearing a tankini with a higher neckline. I would recommend finding a tankini top with a halter style with fabric cover chest and circling around neck at the collar bone. You can do bikini's well!

If you have a long torso and short legs:
Try a strapless one piece to shorten your torso(This one pictured had removable straps) and and high arch rises around your hips. Also try a high waist skirt and cute top. If you can find a one-piece with side cut outs, that really look great to down play a long torso, but they aren't the most modest form of wear.

If you are regtangle, or have no curves:

Create curves with ruffles, gathering, and prints. these 2 seperates are paired together on the website, and I think they are cute!

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